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ELLE Review: Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl

Watch us almost give black lipstick a shot

By Anjan Sachar  May 2nd, 2016

Nothing compares to the joy of finding a signature lipstick shade that you can wear to almost any occasion. But who wouldn’t want an update once in a while? That’s where Givenchy’s new glossy Rouge Interdit Vinyl lipsticks come in. Skip all the beautiful reds, pinks and corals and reach right out for the dark plum. This sheer shade is almost like a black top coat, which claims to change any colour it’s worn with. And thanks to the black rose oil it contains, your lips stay moisturised too. Here’s what happened when we tried it out:

“It works like the magic markers we used as kids. I wore it over a sheer pink Chanel Rouge and it turned into a glossy (almost brown) nude. The balm-like texture is great if you like shine, but I wouldn’t pair it with a matte shade.” – Sonam Savlani, digital editor

“This is almost like a tinted lip balm, and I think the blackish tone might be more interesting on a deep plum or dark brown. It kind of takes away from the brilliance of reds.” – Nidhi Jacob, fashion editor

“My colour (nude) didn’t change much – it just got a shade darker. It wasn’t as drastic as I expected it to be.” – Veronna Parikh, fashion assistant

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