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‘How Do You Stay Positive During The Pandemic?’ Team ELLE Answers

Small steps, one day at a time

By Gargi Agrawal  May 6th, 2021

It’s human nature. When things don’t feel right, we often find ourselves scouring for things to uplift our mood. Whether it is painting ten trees in a row for no reason at all or crying to a sappy rom-com—sometimes we just have to do whatever makes us feel calm and happy. But how do we keep going in a time when a deadly virus has taken over the world, people are dying every day, social media is filled with pleas for help and to top it all off, we’re confined within four walls.

We’re all mentally exhausted. And what keeps us going right now is our own newfound ways of navigating this difficult energy enveloping us in the AM (and majorly the PM). But in case your technique to keep going isn’t working anymore then we have some answers. From being a newbie plant mom to busting out a few moves, here’s what has kept the ELLE team going during these times of adversity. Swipe through:

Zoha Castelino, Fashion Editor

I have loved tie-dye since I was a kid. There's something therapeutic about folding and creating shapes, and the thrill of seeing the final product. It always feels different. I dug up every bit of ‘waste’ fabric I could find to experiment with. I think all the free time helped me realise that my interest truly does lie in fashion and textiles. Playing and experimenting, letting my imagination run wild is what really made me happy and fulfilled. 

Shaeroy Chinoy, Jr. Fashion Editor

While it sounds ironic, spending time with nature has been my way of keeping myself sane. I’ve found myself listening to calm music on my balcony or taking a short walk in my society. Another thing that keeps me going is my daily at-home workouts. I think it's important to maintain a routine even on days we are not obliged to. 

Siddhi Dolas, Fashion Assistant

For most of the lockdown, I was homebound in London where we couldn’t go out apart from shopping for essentials. My weekly trips to the grocery store became a daily chore that enabled me to cook different cuisines. Experimenting with my cooking helped me stay positive throughout as I had something to look forward to every day. 

Samreen Samad, Beauty Editor

During the first lockdown last year, my sleep pattern and general routine had gone for a toss which affected me mentally and emotionally. So, this time around, I made a conscious effort to stick to a proper routine and make time to do everything I love. One of the biggest things that helps me every day is waking up and tending to my plants. Just how people need a fix of coffee when they wake up to feel energised, I need my plants. Watering my plants and looking after them has had a very calming effect on me. 

Sonakshi Sharma, Jr. Beauty Writer

In this apocalyptic time, my escape has been books. Reading is my default defence mechanism as it whisks me away to alternative realities. Transcending space and time, a handful of fleeting moments in the pages leave me calmer. Introspectively, all the late nights with my novels under the lamp made me realise that I am a believer—not just of fictional narratives but of humanity in this world.

Ainee Nizami Ahmedi, Digital Editor

Revisiting happy things is one habit that I've formed to stay positive. Be it a TV series or a book that I've always loved, browsing through old photographs, or talking to friends from school, just remembering happy times, and staying in touch with those things, helps me to stay positive.

Ruman Baig, Sr. Digital Writer

While I haven't inculcated one particular habit, I have realised that sticking to a routine and organising my day works best for my sanity. Even if it's work from home, waking up at the same time every day, changing out of my pyjamas and being in control of my own productivity has helped me. Without a set routine, I feel down and low, but when I set the course of my day, even ticking sent an email off my to-do list feels good. 

Gargi Agrawal, Digital Writer

With the kind of news surrounding us, I often find myself mentally exhausted. To combat this, I have started writing down three things that I’m grateful for each day before I go to sleep. And I have noticed that—it’s all about having a home, clean water, food and a family that’s always looking out for you. Appreciating little things has helped me to be positive in this time of crisis.

Isha Mayer, Digital Writer

I'm very grateful that I have my sister to talk to during this difficult phase. Sharing what's on my mind always helps and removes a lot of weight from my shoulder. At the same time, one of the things I have been actively doing during this time is engaging with a lot of Instagram accounts that exude positivity. With so much negative news around, it's essential to switch off for mental peace. So, reading motivational quotes and watching inspirational videos has helped me get on with my day.

Pooja Khanna, Manager Brand Solutions

It is a testing time for everyone and it's no different for me. Overthinking about this situation causes unwanted anxiety and stress. To feel better, I make sure to work out or dance for at least an hour in the evening. These simple movement-based activities make me feel rejuvenated, happy from within and change my mood to a more positive one. I think sometimes we need to break the monotony, do something new, follow a hobby or simply give time to ourselves to find peace in chaos.

Ekta Ashar, Marketing Head

A few things that help me stay positive are my prayers, meditation and indulging in a fun activity that I enjoy every single day for an hour. Sometimes it’s just cleaning and organising. Workouts help me strengthen my mind as well as build better focus. I’ve learnt how important it is to never take life’s moments for granted, so I make space for mindful activities that I truly enjoy doing.

Jainee Bheda, Fashion Intern

In tough times like this, we all had our own bittersweet experiences. I took this time off as a welcome opportunity to slow down, go for walks, work out, cook meals, indulge in board games, spend time with my family and just relax. This is what has kept me sane and going.

Devika Awasthi, Video Intern

For me, making videos was a hobby that I constantly engaged in but never gained enough confidence to actually display my work for others to see. The situation that we all witnessed later that year made me ponder over the concepts of deaths, decay, and possible ends eventually deciding to post my videos on social media. This act gave me a sense of accomplishment that has kept me going through the pandemic. 

Dona Wilson, Editorial Intern

For me, it has been a mixed bag with equal amounts of selfcare and meltdown moments. Chanting positive affirmations during this time has helped me a lot. I have learnt the importance of faith, to trust the process and be vulnerable with myself and others.

Anavi Chander, Digital Intern

These are times where genuine compassion has gone a long way. What has kept me going is witnessing the blurring of all distinctions to achieve one common goal—that of humanity. I have learnt that it’s not ‘I’ we need to focus on, but ‘we.’ That’s the only way out. And this is a lesson not just for today, but for a lifetime. 

Photographs: Courtesy of ELLE Team, Pinterest