ELLE x MIT’s fashion course is not your average educational programme Advertisement

ELLE x MIT’s fashion course is not your average educational programme

An entirely new approach to fashion education

By ELLE team  September 25th, 2019

Want a masterclass from the OG style icons like Diane Von Furstenberg and Christian Louboutin? ELLE and MIT’s latest collaboration has given the chance to many aspiring fashionistas in the past to do exactly that, through their educational yet super fun program called Innovation Leadership for Fashion & Luxury Consumer Brands.

With increasing competition and ever-changing trends, the fashion industry is an unpredictable place to be in. The program trains its students to ace fluctuating scenarios, think out-of-the-box and reach their best creative potential. The curriculum will also allow you to hear inspiring lessons from the crème de la crème of the fashion business.

The Innovation Leadership for Fashion & Luxury Consumer Brands program is divided into 3 modules, each of them focusing on a different aspect of fashion—namely fast-fashion, luxury haute couture and innovation. With a combination of virtual and on-site based classes, there is plenty of flexibility to to adapt the program to your schedule. The modules are taught in fashion capitals around the globe, namely Madrid, Paris and Massachusetts, so added bonus includes tons of travelling. Each location specialises in a particular module, giving students a first-hand experience of what makes these cities re-inventors in the industry.

Engage with experienced faculty and make life-long connections with fellow peers who share a similar passion. ELLE and MIT recognise the importance of having a trail-blazing vision in this fast-paced industry and the course is specifically created to highlight that.

Students will benefit from this unique learning experience that stands apart from all the other educational programs out there. Equipping them with everything they need to ace the challenges on their way, this programme certainly lives up to the hype.

To find out more details or apply to be a part of ELLE x MIT’s creative venture, head to www.elle.education.com.

The next academic year begins on February 1, 2020, we look forward to seeing you there!