#ELLEExclusive: Here’s A Look Inside Good Earth’s New Clothing Line, FLOW

To celebrate 25-glorious-years in business, iconic brand Good Earth has launched its debut contemporary line, FLOW. Designed for the modern Indian woman, the silhouettes in this collection are classic-chic with an Indian twist when it comes to the fabric.

Sustainable fabrics such as Malkha, Kala cotton and linen are intelligently infused in the designs. From the choice of material to the technique with which it’s procured, it promotes mindful fashion. Each of these fabrics is created with a different handloom technique that supports various communities by providing them with livelihood. Even the processes used to develop these textiles are energy efficient and eco-friendly.


Good Earth FLOW 

Creative Director, Deepshikha Khanna, talks to ELLE about the vision behind FLOW and what makes it different from the rest.

ELLE: Good Earth is known for its signature traditional line (Sustain), what prompted you to launch FLOW in the market now?

Deepshikha Khanna: FLOW was in development in 2019 way before Covid struck. I had identified a gap for contemporary basics that needed to be filled. We wanted to offer a quality sustainable clothing solution for every day through the Good Earth lens under one roof throughout the year.


Good Earth FLOW 

ELLE: How is FLOW different from other contemporary brands?

DK: Simple clothing is perhaps the hardest to find, FLOW came about to address that need for simplicity in everyday wear. It is the modern-functional version of our ethnic line, made for the Indian woman’s body, keeping her lifestyle and need in minds. In a post-pandemic world, clothing needs to be more versatile than ever before and while these clothes are for women there are enough men who’ll want to wear this relaxed fit jacket given the reduced formality in the work environment today.


Good Earth FLOW 

#ELLE: Tell us about how FLOW promotes rural handicrafts and weavers?

DK: All our fabrics are handloom and we are working closely with weavers to develop fabrics exclusively for us. Sometimes we use their designs and rework the blends to meet our quality standards and sometimes we work on everything from scratch. With Khamir for instance, we used their signature stripes and redeveloped Kala Cotton by blending it with linen, which was a first for them. The idea is to raise the bar with quality, share ideas and learnings that elevate both, the weavers and the brand. We collaborate and learn from each other and work towards the same goal: to sustain handloom and keep it relevant in today’s time.

Good Earth FLOW 

#ELLE: How is FLOW actively practising slow fashion and sustainability?

DK: We are using linen throughout the year as it is the most sustainable fibre and it works very well in blends. It’s most suitable for daywear and holds well in our climatic conditions. By keeping the style and cuts classic, we hope to sell fewer pieces that can be styled in many ways across one’s current wardrobe.

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