#ELLEExclusive: JJ Valaya Pens A Heartfelt Letter For His Daughters On Father's Day  Advertisement

#ELLEExclusive: JJ Valaya Pens A Heartfelt Letter For His Daughters On Father’s Day 

The designer opens up about his hopes and dreams for his two daughters, Hoorvi and Someya

By JJ Valaya  June 20th, 2021

My Dearest Daughters Hoorvi and Someya,

What a unique opportunity this is! To communicate with both of you via a letter in this age of digital excess is a boon for any modern-day father.

In life, what truly makes moments special are enjoying each one of them to the fullest, so much so that all the beautiful memories we create can last a lifetime. Just so you know, fathers tend to celebrate their children’s happiness, success and joys as their own; I sensed this in my father when he was witnessing my success, and today, I know exactly how he must have felt when I revel in your triumphs. It’s a unique feeling, quite indescribable and very special. Perhaps the only wish any parent would ever have for their offspring is to have them be kind, honest and lead a life full of joy.

JJ Valaya with his daughters 

I’ve always believed that to enrich one’s life, one must master the art of balance, between its many diverse components. I call it jugglery of sorts between self and service. Self being the moments in life you must put aside for yourself. Find the time to do things that make you feel good, keep time aside for your family and your loved ones, celebrate friendships, and finally, do something selflessly for others (you will experience no greater joy than knowing that your action or thought has helped someone.

Service, on the other hand, is your professional skillset, one that sustains you and makes you self-sufficient. This is mandatory for your own confidence to soar and will show you that the only way to succeed is to excel in what you love doing. I have never worked a single day in my life because my work is something I love and enjoy. The principle is simple: focus on excellence and success shall naturally follow.

Hoorvi J Valaya 

Hoorvi, you came into this world as my priceless gift from the universe just a couple of days ahead of Father’s Day in 1998. Today, there is no one prouder than me to see how you’ve evolved into a fine young woman with your ethics, skills and values firmly in place. The world is your oyster now, and all you need to do is enjoy…both, yourself and your work. I appreciate and admire your resolve to tread your own path first, to experience, learn (and earn) on your own terms as a creative stylist. You have the requisite skill set in place. Now, simply use your vision to create visual magic in your very own inherent style! Also, if my opinion counts, you are one of the best I’ve seen and/or worked with. Remember, when the time comes, it’s never going to be easy for you to work with me, but when you do finally venture into the brand, you will fit into our world like second skin. As a father, I’m enjoying each moment of your evolution and can’t wait to see where it takes you eventually!

Someya J Valaya 

Someya! My little bundle of joy. I cannot even begin to tell you how eager I am to see you carve your niche out in the years to follow. I have seen in you a maturity that is years ahead of your age and I am sure that the steps you decide to take in the future are going to be full of magical surprises! If Gourmet Arts were to become your calling, I am confident that you will give the world something very unique and special.

Finally, thank you my magical children for being who you are… I would not want it any other way! Despite all the ups and downs, the happiness of having you both as an integral part of me has been my constant strength. Both of you are my blessings and most importantly, both of you have been blessed by a very important guiding light in my life (you both know who I’m talking about). 

A father’s simple wish for you? Laugh, love, live. Make every moment count because this moment is all that matters. Looking forward, now and forever, to witnessing the magic in you and in the years to come.

Photos: JJ Valaya