#ELLEFirstLook: Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Street Diver Arrives With A Splash!

As you jump off the boat and plunge into the ocean, you realise there’s no better adventure. The sudden vacuum, a raft of bubbles, the apparent weightlessness. You are underwater, and into the diver’s paradise. And set to accompany you on this aquatic ride is the iconic Louis Vuitton Tambour range of wristwatches. Meet the Tambour Street Diver.

Hardly needing an introduction, the Tambour has adapted itself to several styles and homages over the last 19 years. Its newest avatar brings Louis Vuitton’s love for divers to the surface. The fashion house’s state-of-the-art sports watchmaking enables the reimagination of a traditional dive watch, elevated by its colourful, creative and unconventional style elements. Several notches higher than utilitarian timepieces, this one exudes an urban, city mouse vibe.

The Street Diver’s undeniable underwater credentials, augmented by details like the charming dive bezel bearing the silhouette of a diver, elevate it well beyond a regular dive instrument. Exclusive to this timekeeper, thanks to the inventive ‘Align the V’ design concept, is a unique mechanism that rotates the letter V on the diving scale to align with the colour-matched V at the tip of the minute hand. The two form an ‘X’ that marks the beginning of a dive, the start of a new adventure.

Offered in four different interpretations of 100m water-resistant sporty-chic, three of the Street Diver’s models are the automatic 44 mm, and one is a quartz version in 39.5 mm. Louis Vuitton’s quick-change strap system on models Skyline Blue, Neon Black, Black Blaze and Pacific White make them your trusty accomplices in moving from day to evening, the gym to the club, and the office to a date night.

We’ve saved the best for the last. The generous coatings of Super-LumiNova on the dial elements will ensure that fish aren’t the only things that glow underwater!
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