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#ELLEHoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

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By Ashtar Tashi  June 11th, 2019

This week is all about new energy shifts. There are two key things to keep in mind. One, take personal responsibility for your thoughts words and actions. This week, you can manifest almost as if by magic. So watch what you are thinking. Two, detox as much as you can. If you are purging via any physical symptoms, allow it to happen. It’s all good. And three, ignore negativity and step back from unhappy conversations, news and people.

If It’s Your Birthday This Week: 

Jump at every new opportunity that comes your way. You have worked hard to reach here and now is the time the universe makes it better for you. Enjoy the attention but don’t allow ego to play spoilsport. Money and bonuses are all yours to enjoy.


Time to pull up your socks and get your life in order. You have been wasting some time and this week, you need to do all that’s required to make up for it. Make the right intents for success at work and do what you normally wouldn’t. In love too, move out of your comfort zone. Seek some time out with your beloved and indulge in an activity that keeps you both alert and active. Playing an outdoor sport together is just one of the options. It’s time you took your health seriously and chose a detox plan to follow. Going away someplace quiet for a yoga retreat would be a good idea.

Crystals for you: Keeping an Orange Jasper or Carnelian will keep you motivated.


When was the last time you didn’t feel guilty or beat yourself up for something you weren’t to be blamed for? Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? This week, be kind to your self. If there are misunderstandings in any relationships, then just be willing to step back and reassess if the mistake was actually yours. If your mind is set for spending some saved up moolah on a luxury product, go ahead do it but be aware that you may get bored of it sooner than you realise. Health is stable this week and may be you can spend more time pampering your self and resting rather than working out. Be gentle in every way.

Crystals for you: Sleeping with a Rose Quartz under your pillow will give you pleasant sleep and keeping an Amethyst close will keep you safe from toxicity.


This week you have a lot to be grateful for. Say your prayers regularly and thank the universe for all that has been granted to you. Love, money and health seem in balance right now. Go be your happy-go-lucky self and embrace even those you have had misunderstandings with in the past. In money matters, things are slow but will speed up after first week of July. So be patient.

Crystals for you: Heart shaped Onyx and Selenite will blend perfectly with the energies of prayer this week. Keep them close when you meditate.


Do something for the environment as a gesture to thank Mother Earth for all her bounty you enjoy. This week, plant trees, feed stray animals, walk barefoot in the park or even spend time in a social project to save water. All this and more will keep you grounded. Love is all about being natural this week. Be authentic and don’t try to create a false impression around new friends and lovers. Money should be used more sensibly than before, so be cautious. Eat food without preservatives as much as possible. Health shall be good provided you go back to your regime of either walking outdoors, hiking or swimming. Connect with nature.

Crystals for you: Grounding shall be more effective if you keep Black Tourmaline close.


Push yourself beyond your self-created boundaries this week. Its not easy for sure but if anyone can do it, it’s you. The love zone is slightly challenging because you may want to exert authority over those you are in a serious and long standing relationship with. But you are advised to back off and don’t push your luck with the sensitive lovers. If single, don’t fear stepping into unknown territory. Make the right impressions and you may make the mark. Wealth is good and business is picking up. Stay in the mood for hard work and it shall pay off good dividends. Health is good.

Crystals for you: Keeping some nuggets of Sodalite and Herkimer’s Diamonds will stabilize your energies this week.


Appreciation is the key to a happier week. You are playing games with the emotions of those close to you. Be a little sensitive. Just because you know you are loved deeply doesn’t give you the right to treat people unfairly. Be honest with yourself and repair relationships. A sensitive side of you must be portrayed. Moneywise, go ahead pamper yourself a bit. It’s okay to spend on self sometimes. Health needs attention and care. Stop ignoring niggling pains and symptoms and do something about them.

Crystals for you: Aquamarine and Blue Chalcedony brings joys to the heart and makes you more connected to loved ones. 


Time to embrace the bounties of the universe with open arms. Great times for you sensitive, generous, happy Librans. Be in gratitude for the wealth of love, friendships, work opportunities and good health this week. Be charitable with material wealth and sponsor an unprivileged child’s education or donate to a cause close to your heart. Health-wise, you will happy and in good spirits. It’s all about good karma for you.

Crystals for you: The crystal of abundance is Citrine. Make it yours to enjoy more abundance this week.


Stand up for what your beliefs are and who you think you wish to project yourself as. Let the world know your true talent and personality. Look for opportunities in love and don’t shy away from new friendships. Some new introductions this week could culminate into something special in the next few months. Leave an impression at work by standing up for a colleague who needs your support. Money is stable. Don’t invest in any project however tempted you may be feeling. Health is good but train your focus on starting the exercise regime you have been living in denial of.

Crystals for you: Orange Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye are your perfect energy supports this week.


This week is all about making the most of the magic it holds for you. Sow new seeds of love in your life. The time is right also to harvest so take a current serious relationship to the next level. Don’t waste time procrastinating about this matter. Business opportunities are coming on full speed but you must take a little time out to see carefully which one seems the most beneficial in the long run. Some may be too exciting at this moment but may not be up your alley after complete scrutiny. So do background checks and also take advice from some experts or your mentors. Play a sport outdoors and challenge your fitness limits.

Crystals for you: The enigmatic Rainbow Moonstone is your magical talisman to guide you right through this week.


Being humble and genuinely caring are what you need to learn this week. How honest are you with yourself and with others? Do you genuinely care or are making a façade just to earn brownie points? Take a hard look at yourself this week. If you come out tops in your own assessment, you are in for a good hand being dealt to you. The universe shall fulfill your desires by surrounding you with those who truly love and care. Good growth options at work will come close and health too will be good. But make sure your groundwork is first stable. You may be surprised what you find out about yourself.

Crystals for you: Rose Quartz shall help you go inwards and find genuine love for yourself and others.


The magic of passion surpasses all else this week for you genuine souls. Trust that what you are putting your heart and head into is actually right for you. Then add all your energy to make it better than ever. Love is so close and you are being lazy about showing your emotions. Stop wasting time and express your feelings to the one who deserves your love and attention. Workwise, you need to make a checklist of your priorities. Don’t waste energies in mundane tasks and instead prioritise the tasks that will benefit from your hard work. Pay attention to the health issues that you have been ignoring for a while. Seeing a doctor will definitely put things into perspective. Remember, Google doesn’t know it all.

Crystals for you: Hematite shall keep you glued to your desires and Lapis Lazuli will support your efforts to move forward.


Cleanse. Detox. Refresh. Repeat. This is the pattern to follow this week. Forget your lifestyle of the past and drop habits that are unhealthy. Realise the importance of cleansing and de-cluttering your mind body and spirit. Let go of people and dependency on love from stale relationships that have stopped adding value to your life. Open and clear the office drawers and close unending issues. Meet people you are avoiding for once and for all and complete unfinished tasks. Make sure you delve deep into your pockets and clear debts. The haunting dreams shall stop. Breathe and eat clean and light this week.

Crystals for you: Ease your mind by keeping an Amethyst close to you. Keep yourself focused on detox by using a Clear Quartz.

Featured Photograph: Bikramjit Bose