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#ELLEHoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

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By Ashtar Tashi  June 17th, 2019

The week begins with the Full Moon on June 17 and that is a welcome treat before we head into a season of eclipses. Remember, eclipses aren’t to be feared but instead respected because special events often take place around the eclipses and make us aware of the extra effort we need to make to honour our soul purpose. This Full Moon, the lunar eclipse nudges you toward a significant milestone. Those looking for romance will enjoy some attention till July 3. Don’t just fall for anyone though—be picky and see who vibes with you on an intellectual level.

If it’s Your Birthday This Week:

Enjoy your life to the hilt. Dream big, be hopeful, and don’t allow anyone to burst your bubble. Take charge and make your decisions without waiting for others to approve. Feel blessed with life and show some gratitude through actions that benefit others and not just yourself.


Finding your true potential this week isn’t as difficult as it was a few weeks ago. Reaching out to people for guidance and direction is a good idea if you have too many plans running through your head. Love is waiting for but you may be feeling a little skeptical and that’s normal. You don’t have to rush into anything just yet. Whether it works out or not, the waiting will be a good lesson in patience. Work-wise, it's time you took matters in your hand. You have been waiting too long to show your mettle but missing out on precious opportunities. If working in collaboration with someone, there is no harm in offering to take the lead. For your health, it shall help if you can change and alter your eating habits and exercise plan. It’s become too staid and the fitness levels have stagnated.


If you haven’t changed your old self to a new you by now, something’s not right. How long do you plan to sit and wonder where you wish to go from here? Get active, get moving. Stagnancy is a real killer of all things that otherwise have the potential to be magical. At work, you can now let go of that which has stopped adding value to your experience and learning. Your love life needs to get that spark back. Try a new fitness that’s less challenging but may be more fun.


A week of absolute ease and enjoyment for natives of this sun sign. The birthday hangover of happiness still lingers from last week. Change always leads to magical things that are most unexpected. Stay with this belief and work accordingly. Surround yourself with happy people who matter to you and stay away from those who hinder your personal joys and create disharmony. Health stays good. Don’t eat outside food that’s prepared unhygienically. It will just dampen your spirit, which is so upbeat at the moment.


This week, you are being given the opportunities to make amends. These chances were given to you earlier too but you had probably taken them lightly or completely ignored them. Now, you need to see clearly the way being shown to you one more time. Use your good wisdom to make the right choices in love, money and for health. Life will be simpler if you pay attention to signs. Trust your instincts when meeting new people. Some may seem pleasant enough but may make fair weather friends. If seeking long-term relationships, you might be attracted to someone who’s actually not your type. Monetary investments need not be huge risks, so try and make small moves here. Invest in goods and assets that shall give you joy for a longer period. 


Be a homebody this week and enjoy some well-deserved rest. Energies at home will be peaceful. Spend much-needed quality time with loved ones. Happy and meaningful conversations will help resolve some deep-seated old issues. If you stay far from loved ones, it would make sense to make a trip home and meet them this week. Keep an eye on your health, especially if you already are low on energy. Eat nutritious food and avoid leftovers. If an idea has been germinating in your mind about changing your stream of work, this is the right time to put more thought into it. Working from home though cannot be your long-term option. Some opportunity may come by mid-July but don’t say yes in a snap. Take proper guidance first.


Well meaning friends surround you this week. Accept some advice. Sometimes you may not really know it all. Standing for your beliefs is a good thing but becoming adamant and not accepting others’ viewpoints is certainly not the way to be this week. It’s okay to not give your opinion about every matter. Belief in self will be stronger, hence you could tend to be over enthusiastic about matters pertaining to the heart as well. Keep your tone gentle when speaking to a loved one or even a work associate. New friends will be observing you and making notes as well. Business looks okay. 


A cornucopia of abundance is yours to enjoy this week. Good friends and family surround you with love and laughter. Look out for new insights regarding your relationships and rest assured that you shall be given the opportunity and right advice to resolve issues worrying you. Some mysteries get solved too this week. Be ready for plans and initiatives being discussed around. Things you may not have been interested in earlier will suddenly make sense now. Benefit from the change of energies and enjoy good health. Breathe fresh air and stay away from pollutants of all kinds.


Look back into your life and see what messages your past is trying to give you. This week, with Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in full form, it would be good idea to contemplate and figure out how you have led your life till now. What changes can you make in your love life? What needs to change so it can become better? Why are you still living in a bubble that is so not you any more? Your approach toward your work has to shift gears as well. Answers to all these questions shall appear if you delve a little deeper. Health is good but stress may give you dull headaches. Breathing exercises and drinking extra water will help.  


The message is to enjoy peace of mind and heart this week. Stressing is never the answer for any of our problems. Learn to be patient and watch certain things unfold. Your restlessness will only create confusion. At work, be kind and understanding. Choose humility over arrogance. In terms of health, it would be wise to eat natural foods instead of processed. Watch changes happen if you keep your eyes open and make some conscious decisions.


Love is in the air. Go all out in being romantic and show your affection to your significant other. Show some love to yourself too this time around. Mistakes made in the past, which may have created a distance, should now be forgotten. Look forward to happier times ahead when you have decided to let bygones be bygones. In business matters, show compassion to colleagues. Look after your health and make safe food and beverage choices.   


Opportunities galore and much goodwill to look forward to. Taking shape are some new plans that probably have been in the works for a while. You may meet people at social dos who may show interest in what you have to offer. Even simple ideas can sometimes become be winning ones. You will be greeted with respect that is long overdue. In love, make the moves that you haven’t till now. Think of new ways to impress your crush.  Also think of new ways to improve health. If you have been struggling with weight loss, join up for a new fitness activity.


Miracles happen and this Full moon brings you more of those. Painful memories of love vanish as miraculously as new hope emerges in love. Keep saying thank you for all the joy that you are being blessed with. Embrace others with the same compassion and empathy that you are receiving now. Transform internally this week as you will feel like a changed person. Let go of anger that holds you back. Believe that good things are waiting to happen but if you are not going to show gratitude, the opportunities may fizzle out without a trace. People wish to help and support you, so appreciate them. Health remains good but if you feel weak physically, spend time outdoors and with people who make you feel happy and light.