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#ELLEhoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

Your guide to navigating the last week of March

By Ashtar Tashi  March 26th, 2019

What is your week looking like? Find out with our horoscope:


Goddess Sulis wishes for you to go with the flow. Be gentle and relax. Don’t try and make everything move your way. Your stubbornness may not give you the results you want and instead may force you to take a few steps backwards. So it would be better to go with the flow instead and watch as situations unfold slowly. It would help to be patient. Be loyal to your loved ones and don’t try to do things out of the ordinary to prove a point. Keep your anger in check and understand the importance of being quiet. The snags in communication continue for you till April 6and it would be advisable to behave according to the need of the hour, to maintain peace.  Keep your cool by drinking lots more water perhaps, while long showers shall help in calming your mind.



Goddess Aphrodite urges you to give up on thinking negative about yourself. The Mercury Retrograde made you feel low and now its time to shed off the pain and show off all your talents. Spend time with people who appreciate you for who you are. Indulge in activities that make you realise how talented you are and the leadership qualities you are blessed with. Appreciate your own goodness and spread your light far and wide. Take up new hobbies and also re-invent yourself. Till mid-April, there is a lot waiting to happen, so get down to working on making it special.  



Goddess Butterfly Maiden makes you realise the changes in you that you may have not noticed which came along with Mercury Retrograde.This being your planet of communication will help you improve matters if you wish, but only if you choose to use it correctly. Throwing temper tantrums may have spoilt a few things earlier this month and if that’s the case, then use this week to repair the damage done. If you have been sensible and have spared yourself (and others) the agony of harshness, then this week transforms you further, making you even better. You shall feel a change by feeling lighter in mood and behaviour. Let bygones be bygones and keep your mercurial nature in check. The shift of Mars in your sign early next month will give you ample opportunities to make amends and become a sweeter version of your current self. Enjoy the transformation and surprise yourself by being more aware of what all you are capable of doing when you don’t allow people and circumstances to rule over you.


Goddess Sige seeks to bring your attention to inner silence. This week, take time off. Be with yourself. Go for walks in fresh air so you may get the chance to clear your mind. Don’t socialise if you can avoid it or if you must meet people then try and speak the least. This is not the week to muddle your head with more stuff than you have already been dealing with. The effects of Mercury Retrograde have been somewhat dramatic for you, even though you may not be feeling them physically. It’s time to take that much needed breather and silence will help the most. Meditate on the feeling of gratitude and allow fresh ideas to seep in, during this period of quietude, because the month of April will support new plans in your favour.


Goddess Maeve shifts your perspective about life this week. Things that you thought were settled for good may raise their head and disturb you ever so slightly. Matters that you thought were being blown out of proportion may suddenly seem calmed down this week. So yes, it’s a mixed bag of energies for natives of this vibrant sign of Leo. This week, with the effects of Mercury Retrograde waning off, it does take the edge off from your daily life, but deeper issues may still be niggling in your mind. I would advise you to breathe and let go. Let go off matters that don’t have much importance in the long run. Don’t hold on to old pain, anxiety or anguish. Things happen and you need to come to terms with life. It’s the way the world works.



Goddess Damara eases your mind and wants you to be childlike this week. The people of this zodiac sign need to understand that though life seems so challenging right now, the burdens will only feel heavier if you don’t take yourself a little lightly this time around. Be like the child who is ever ready and eager to learn. So learn your lessons and move on. Trust has been an issue that you have been battling with for some time but don’t let these matters make you bitter. Child-like innocence is a gift owned by natives of this sign, so keep that intact. Try and play a sport or indulge in a hobby for a short while this week so you may relax a bit. Remember that the universe will always love us when we show our vulnerability and surrender to its divine plans.



Goddess Hathor supports all the plans and dreams of Librans this week and asks you to feel free from whatever problems you are facing. This week will be a test of sorts and the universe will want to know how much you can let go of.  So pay attention to your gut instincts and know that you should open all closed doors. Your hesitant behaviour is not serving any purpose. So now stop being stubborn and open up your arms instead so that the universe can bless you. Fill your life with new dreams that you wish to fulfill but remember it shall happen only if you trust. Last week probably played havoc with your mind and given you lots to chew on. Now onwards, for the next two weeks, you can relax and be open to receive again. Stop dilly-dallying and stop being suspicious. Believe that what’s coming now is meant for you. Stop procrastinating and just jump and grab what’s right in front of you.


Goddess Artemis promises you that you have nothing to worry about this week. Last three weeks have been a worrisome period for some reason or another. Now, take a deep breath and relax. This week is all about keeping the faith. You are being assured that you and your loved ones are going to do alright now. Don’t be too concerned about the changes taking place all around you. Everyone has his or her own journey to walk on, including yourself. So if you can stop questioning everything and just believe that this is the way it has to happen, then you shall spare yourself a lot of stress and heartache. It is okay to worry sometimes but not all the time.


Goddess Mary Magdalene wants to hold you close this week and makes you feel only compassion and love for the world around you. Let go of any harsh judgments you have been dealing with. Toward others or yourself. It’s not healthy and the repercussions can be harmful on many levels. So show some love all around. If you feel hurt about something, speak to the people concerned but only after April 5. Wait for the Mercury Retrograde repercussions to fade out completely. Mary Magdalene, being the energy of forgiveness, asks you to forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and this last week, if you feel you have made any, you can atone for it this week. Make a conscious, deliberate effort to be nice to all. Known or even unknown people. Accrue some good karma by doing some charity and make your heart feel fuzzy. 


Goddess Brigit pushes you beyond your comfort zone and wishes that you would realise what you are made of. If this last week has been that of self-questioning, this week shall bring some hard hitting realizations. Personal needs that you may have been ignoring need to be fulfilled now. People you have been seeking approval from, need to be left alone if they aren’t giving you any time. Make up your mind about what is best for you, without depending on people to keep giving you advice. Sometimes, it’s okay to hang in limbo for some time and then take charge of your own life. This week, you shall do just that. All on your own.



Goddess Abundantia showers you with her cornucopia of wealth of good values this week. Seek out blessings from those you respect and they shall give you much more. If you have been feeling bereft of good company or valuable opportunities, believe that the time has now come for you to accept these gifts as the universe blesses you with these for sure. The values that you stand by will now help you realise your own worth. So this week, concentrate on all that you will need to take forward with you in terms of personal principles, to create value for yourself.


Goddess Vesta urges you to spend time at home this week. Be surrounded by loved ones and enjoy their company. Add your touches to the beauty of your living spaces and please de-clutter. The energies of the Mercury Retrograde need to be cleansed and what better way to rid your surrounding of physical mess. Old things that are of no use must now be shown the door. Feelings that have lost their charm for someone special can be sent away too, never to come back. This is a time for renewal; so make complete use of it, starting from your personal space.

 Featured photograph: Prasad Naik