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#ELLEhoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

Your guide to navigating the second week of April

By Ashtar Tashi  April 8th, 2019

What is your week looking like? Find out with our horoscope:


Goddess Dana encourages you to let go of all that takes you away from knowing your own power. You have the gift of her grace with you this week and that’s all you need right now. Last week, Athena had supported you with strengthening your gut instinct and now Dana assures you that you have the universe’s higher wisdom on your side. You may have to become the teacher for a change and remember that the teacher must do his or her homework before teaching in a class. So now, think for yourself. Have you learnt your lessons well? Learn and teach. Share your wisdom as you go along. Stay humble and open your mind to learning. 

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am open to learning and sharing wisdom. I am the ignorant student and the wise teacher. 


Goddess Pele pushes your boundaries and makes you rush forward to realise your passions. She reminds you that there are no shortcuts to success. You must go all the way. Luck favours the brave and you must remember this through the week. If there is anything you want for yourself, you must be ready to slog for it. This week, it may seem tough to achieve your dreams but it isn’t impossible. Make a head start towards your goal and promise to stay forward. Your partners, team, supporters, family and friends will support your dream if they know what it means for you to succeed this week. You will need them standing by you. In your love life, show your close one what they mean to you and what you are willing to put at stake to make the relationship stronger. 

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am passionate about my goals and achieve what I deserve. I am supported by the universe in all that I desire.


Goddess Lakshmi adds magic to what Goddess Aeracura started for you last week. The blossoming is now bearing fruit and this week, you are blessed with an abundance of unexpected gifts. It’s all your hard work and focus that is paying off. This week, Goddess Lakshmi wants you to express gratitude by sharing your goodwill with others. Do some charity and offer your time or money to those in need. Lakshmi prompts the winds in your favour and gives you ample opportunities to shine your light. Remain in a place of humility and do what you do best. Serve. Serve others with favours you deem fit and also make it easier for others to do well with your support. Remember, we always need blessings from others to do well. And such opportunities emerge when we offer our work without pride. Make the most of the gift of abundance coming from all around in many ways.  

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am in gratitude for all the gifts from the universe. I offer my service with humility. I am blessed.


Goddess Vesta is here to stress upon the need to look after your home and the needs of your space this week. Having the courage to let go of past memories last week, you are now ready to rest a little. Make time to spend energies indoors in cooler environs of your quiet space. Read, write and rest. Be with your self and internalise your learning of the days gone by. Clean up the clutter in your physical as well as mental and emotional bodies. Detox through diet change, exercise and meditation. Make your body your temple this week and stay ensconced in a space of inner calm. Vesta always makes us go within to our sacred sanctum sanctorum. What’s yours? Is it through deep breathing that you feel better or maybe through writing a journal? Do what you want, to release pent up emotions and make yourself at home.

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am in a place of rest. I rejuvenate my mind body and spirit. I respect my space.


Goddess Maat is the one who looks after your need for being treated fairly. If there is any deal that needs to be cracked or an incomplete task that’s waiting for approval from someone in a higher place, go ahead and ask for favours. They shall be granted. This week gets you what you want. Don’t shy away from what you think you need for your progress. In your love life, take time out to resolve things fairly between you and your partner. Maat encourages you to seek justice for all who you think are being treated unfairly. That’s the rule of the universe. If you are asking just for yourself, it isn’t being fair in the first place. Hence, always ask for others what you seek for yourself. When you bring justice, fairness and trust to heal a situation for others in need, good karma follows and the universe repays you with the same.

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am blessed with fair and just resolutions where I need them the most. I am content and satisfied.



Goddess Nemetona is asking for you to reach out and pray. Trust that all is good and only better awaits. Matters are always not going to move in the way we wish them to be. Hence, faith plays a huge role in making wheels of fortune go forward in our favour. Thus, pray. Ask yourself truly, if what you want will be beneficial to all concerned or only you. If your spirit replies in the affirmative for all, then go ahead and do what it takes to make it happen. The universe will definitely support your purpose. Prayers are heard when they are inclusive. When we think of asking for favours for many others beside our selfish needs, then they are granted. Protect your interests by seeking protection of others as well. Prayer always strengthens our belief in what we are capable of achieving. So if you are feeling tired by putting efforts consistently with poor results, it is time to ask for help through divine intervention. Your efforts will automatically fuelled by a passion better than before and also better results to let you know that your prayers are being heard and will be answered. Don’t give up. Just keep the faith. Pray.

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I know my faith shall take me far. I respect the divine’s intervention in my state and seek my wishes to be granted.



Goddess White Tara is your week’s guardian. After last week’s grounding work, you are now prepared to go one step further and look after your personal condition with more sensitivity. Go within and watch your emotions that need healing. What part of you is feeling weak and tired? Are you feeling exhausted dealing with certain situations repeatedly? Maybe it’s time to put a stop to drama created by you or others. This week, play your part well by reaching out to those involved and seeking a closure to matters that are now tiring you out. It’s okay to be a little harsh so you can save yourself from more damage. Librans being the sign of fairness and balance, sometimes tend to be unfair to self, as they try to do the balancing act for others involved. This week, tilt the scales in your favour for a change. 

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am sensitive towards my own needs. I heal and create balance in my life.



Goddess Sekhmet invites you to use your time this week in recognising your own strengths. This message comes often to the natives of this sun sign since their faith in self, ebbs and flows based on the energies and phases of the moon. Interestingly, with the new moon energy shift that has taken place on April 5, there is a huge scope for energies to strengthen you. So trust that matters will move forward if you keep on working at it. Don’t consider yourself weak or incapable in any way. Write down your strengths and encourage yourself. Then, write down your weaknesses, so you realise that all of them can be dealt with, if you persist.  Ask for help from friends, family and counselors. Seek advice on how you can overcome what needs to resolved and repaired. I have said this before and say so again, that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It actually shows that you are courageous since you realise you need help. This awareness in itself is a huge step forward towards healing. Stay strong. 

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am strong. I am strong. I am strong.


Goddess Ostara makes you happy this week by reiterating a truth that you have waiting to hear. Yes! Your hard work has paid off and what you have been working for will show results now. It is also the time to not give up just yet and continue on the path of doing more of what you have been doing. If you want to do something new and creative but have been unsure of whether it will yield results, then trust your gut instinct and move forward. The results will be what you desire. This week, don’t be lazy or procrastinate. It’s time to think of new ideas you want to put into action. Busy yourself. If you work from home, think of new ideas to make some money. Offer services that are easy to handle and yet give you satisfaction of gaining achievement.

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am ready to plant new seeds of creation. I am ready to yield good results. I am ready for success.


Goddess Yemanya is all set to push open doors for you. Doors, which when opened, will bring many more great opportunities for you to claim your space in the arena of success this week. So asking for what seems like your birthright is only fair. Enjoy the arc lights on you. If you have been working on projects that have taken a lot of your time and effort, then you shall be rewarded amply. If you have been approaching a new (or old relationship) for some time with trepidation, you can now stop fearing failure and know that it will happen the way you wish. Go for it and make it successful. The approach you take for anything at all this week is going to be the crux of all matters. Feel only positive in all that you do and that will energise your plans towards a desirable outcome. Make sure everyone is happy with your progress, so make the celebration of your success an inclusive activity.

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am in gratitude for the opportunities I receive. I work towards success that I truly deserve.


Goddess Mary Magdalene showers her blessings on you this week and makes your belief in yourself even stronger than before. You must believe that your gift of compassion and empathy is what shall guide you in all your endeavours this week. Show love and respect to others and you shall benefit from it in the longer run. When you seek solutions to your problems this week, look at them a little more reasonably. There has been worse that others may have faced. You probably have been let go off easily. How about that? So, with that thought, move forward with better understanding of your situation. Give a little more leeway to the universe without constantly complaining about what you have not received. Remember that challenges make us better, stronger beings and add to our experience meter.

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am compassionate towards life. I am blessed with experience. I love and respect my life.


Goddess Brigit (Reversed) is asking you to give up your wrong approach and attitude. What is it that you have not stood up for? The reversed card is an indication that you may not have been true to yourself. Are you living a life of pretense? You need to stand up not only for yourself but for others too. This week, look inward and check your conscience. When you look only at gains for yourself at the cost of making life challenging for someone else, then karma will bite you hard. A reverse card of standing up for beliefs, asks you to look at some harsh truths. But if you have been as courageous for another and stood by them at the cost of your own benefits, then you are in for some special blessings. This is what you are here to learn this week—being selfless and following the path of gain for others and not only yourself. The reverse card is a teacher with an iron rod and sometimes can hit hard. But if we are willing to learn the lesson gracefully then we are forgiven, to win good favours.

AFFIRMATION FOR THIS WEEK: I am honest with myself. I stand up for the highest good of all concerned. I learn my lessons well.


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