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#ELLEhoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

Your guide to navigating the third week of April

By Ashtar Tashi  April 15th, 2019

The planetary energy is shifting once again. Jupiter is in retrograde from April 10 till August 11, activating four months of opportunities that shall allow us (or force us) to step away from old habits, patterns and beliefs. It is a highly beneficial time for us to introspect and bring inner balance and open new chapters of our life through creative means.

Here’s what’s in store for your sun sign this week.   



Goddess Oonagh lays emphasis on giving up your stress this week. Stress is not your way of dealing with problems, so why worry? Let go of the past week and reboot your mind, body and spirit. ‘Take it easy’ is her message because right now, you need to make new beginnings in your life. Figure out your plans for the future without worrying about negative consequences of any kind. Things and old behaviours that have not worked for you shall be left behind. How you look at your situations need to be altered as well. This week allows you to have a fresh perspective towards all matters of importance. Your outlook is what’s important, so make that a positive one.


Goddess Athena is here to sort your worries this week. The Jupiter retrograde heightens your inner wisdom and you should listen to what your spirit communicates to you. This is the moment for appreciating the gifts being showered on you. You knew the time was close and now it is here. You have made all the right moves and now can enjoy the fruits of your labour. There is no stopping though so if you plan to take things easy, don’t. Keep working towards your goals for the next few months. You know what works for you—your passion, determination and faith in yourself. Don’t change any of that. Not now. Not ever.


Goddess Aine raises your spirit and hopes this week. Be brave through every situation and know that you shall win in the end. You are leaders of the pack and there is nothing that can stop you. What can come in your way is your own ego that inflates beyond reason. So, if you are willing to show some grace and compassion to those who love you and the world at large, then your circumstances shall improve magically. Take that leap of faith, says Aine, so you may move to the next level of your soul’s evolution. You know what you need to chop and change in your personality. What time could be better than the Jupiter Retrograde to make the shifts your soul is ready to make?


Goddess Sedna showers upon you the opportunities to be thankful. Many spaces that you have wanted to create are now being readied for you. All you have to do is make the most of the opportunities present and take it from there. Sedna is extremely generous and shall support all your new plans. Work hard and don’t let go just yet. The next four months bring all your focus to invite more from everywhere, right where you want. There is no stopping you. Get connected with those who can add more to your life. Network and also make plans to do better financially. Money is a good thing to have. Don’t wait for anything. Just go and embrace what benefits await. There is more from where this is coming from. Tap the sources to add to your coffers.  


Goddess Rhiannon is happy with you and grants you your wishes at this magical time of the powerful retrograde. What is required from you is your desire to make the change. You have the power to manifest and there is no better time than now to make true all your wants. The power and passion that drives you towards your goals is heightened. Drop the mind games you play with yourself, which happens when you think too much. This does not help and only adds to your confusion. It causes gaps in your manifestation and that’s a bad idea. Feel positive like you own the world. You are going to create your best realities only if you become fearless. Are you ready?


Goddess Sulis beckons you to relax and be yourself. Wash away the stress by spending time in water. Step away from old behaviours and blocks that have stopped serving you. Let go of self-doubt and allow the Jupiter Retrograde to harness your true powers. Water will clear your mind, so bathing in salt water, being in the rain, swimming and even hydro spa therapies will help you this week.


Goddess Maeve invites you to feel balanced. Take time out to reflect upon who you are and what you wish to change and alter to be a better version of yourself. Observe the areas of your life where you have been failing and work towards healing those. It’s time you left the old behind. Let the waves of transformation wash over you. Forgive yourself for mistakes made in the past. Guilt will only bring you down. Go with the flow of gratitude and with a renewed confidence that will allow you to make a fresh start. This week, you are the creator of a new you.


Goddess Hathor surrounds you with the joys of life this week. Are you ready to embrace them all? But to make space for the new gifts, you will have to let go of old patterns, beliefs and behaviours that you have been holding on to. You will see some great developments emerge if you want them but will you sacrifice your stubbornness for that? Think about it. The Jupiter Retrograde will take what you don’t need and give you some thing special in return. Make your choice and work accordingly.


Goddess Artemis assures you of her support and looks after you with special care these seven days. If you have been concerned about your future, you can relax a bit now. Things are moving forward the way you have wanted. So express gratitude to the universe and trust. Your prospects are looking brighter and you have a lot to be thankful now. Meditate only upon the positive outcomes of your hard work. Be inspired to work with more determination and focus. All your loved ones are being looked after, hence you can release worries and know that you are being readied to receive more blessings of your choice. 


Goddess Mawu chooses to guide you this week by bringing your awareness to environmental issues. This is the time to give back to mother earth. What has been disturbing you will be healed if you surrender it all to the universe at this time. Sometimes, things may be beyond your understanding. So letting go and seeking guidance from nature around us is the answer. Give back to the universe as much, if not more, than you receive from it. This week, just do that.


Goddess Coventina wants you to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. No better time than this Jupiter Retrograde to clean up all the dust and grime that has collected in all spheres of your life. If health issues have been worrying you, get proper guidance, and if money has been short, then figure out ways to change that. If your love life is slow or stagnant, refresh that too. Go full throttle to purify your mind, body, and spirit. Seek professional counsel and shift your perspectives to make life healthier and balanced in all ways. Old habits must be dropped. Addictions can be and should be let go off. They aren’t serving you well. Holding on to patterns that don’t serve you anymore must be recognised now and have to be removed. New life waits but not until you choose it. To do that, clear your mind and know that the power lies within you to become healthy again. If you don’t do it, who will? 


Goddess Ishtar pushes you into a corner because you are not willing to take a look at what you must focus on. Where do you want to go from here? Why have you allowed yourself to get affected by opinions and decisions of others? This retrograde is the right time to break free from strong belief systems and structures that are diminishing your core strength. Raise your standards and build the walls that shall protect you in the near future. Trust is a huge issue troubling you as of now. Having trusted blindly, you are now cautious about sharing your plans with all. Yes, this is the right way to be. This week, your intuitions shall be heightened and you can surely trust yourself to make decisions without being dependent on others.


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