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#ELLEhoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

Your guide to navigating the last week of April

By Ashtar Tashi  April 22nd, 2019

The Full Moon of April 21 has created some magic. Time has come to let go of the old, so the new can enter. Change. Transform. Re-Create. That’s the mantra to follow. This week, promise yourself that you will change that one important thing in your life, and you’ll find that the universe will support you completely.

Your weekly horoscope is here:


Goddess Ostara wishes for you to trust the universe in supporting your plans this week. Stay focused on what you are planning to manifest for yourself. It is your responsibility to make use of all the resources available to you so you can create a reality that is feasible and beneficial to you. Meet the right people and chalk out what you have in mind. Effective time management skills must come into play and you can achieve much more than you normally would. Plant the seeds of fresh plans and water them diligently with good, sincere effort. If you have new ideas, this week, take steps to make them a reality. It won’t be long before you can harvest the best results of your hard work.

Crystals to support you this week: Keep Clear Quartz or a Lapis Lazuli close to you as you write and work on your plans. Sleeping with either of these under the pillow will help you have clear dreams of your goals.


Goddess Kali wants you to know that your time to procrastinate is finally up. You have been quite gung ho in the last few weeks and the rhythm is steady and continues to be charged up. Matters at work and in romance have been in your favour and will continue to be so but you have to keep a few things in mind. First of all, don’t get lackadaisical with your efforts at work. Believe that you have come this far due to your determination to succeed and you can’t stop now. Continue to stay focused and humble. In your love life and other relationships, stay sweet natured and don’t let tempers flare up. Change ways of what has not worked in the past and retain what has worked well. Break away from useless mind games and instead have meaningful conversations.

Crystals to support you this week: Wearing or keeping the sweet, gentle Aquamarine will support your conversations with everyone. To help break away from the habit of procrastination, keep a Carnelian with you at work.


Goddess Diana wants you to focus on only the positive stuff this week. It’s very easy to get distracted by the not-so-great events in our daily lives but there is so much good that goes unnoticed. This week is the time for you to see for yourself what you need to change. You are a fighter and nothing stops you from keeping your eyes on your goal. It may seem far-fetched but only for a short while. This time of the Full Moon energy still permeates all your tasks and shall help you fulfill what you most seek to accomplish. Only one question remains. And it is the most important one. Have you dreamt enough?

Crystals to support you this week: Keep your eyes on the goal and a Yellow Citrine will help you when you are working on your dreams. Increase your focus by meditating with a violet or blue Fluorite.


Goddess Guinevere takes your side this week where your love life is concerned. Time to take the reins of your love life in your hands and allow your partner to know who’s the boss. All this while, there isn’t as much happening as you would have desired. It is the right time for you to make that one huge plan to stop taking it easy. Enough of waiting around for things to happen. Take a break from everything and fly away someplace where you both can actually say sweet nothings to each other instead of sharing work issues. Think of ideas that are concrete and actually work if you wish to change the quality of your love life from poor to excellent.  Are you ready? 

Crystals to support you this week: Rose quartz worn as bracelets by both of you will help connect your heartstrings this week. Try keeping a Garnet under the mattress and feel the spark.


Goddess Saraswati makes you realise the potential of your creative approach to matters. The Full Moon brings out the best in you. Any plans for development should be dealt with creative ideas. Every problem’s solution should be seen from a perspective of finding a creative solution.

Old-fashioned beliefs and old patterns will have to be shed if you wish to see new, more successful results. On a personal front, share creative plans with loved ones. Travel to places that offer opportunities to indulge in creative pursuits. Take up forgotten hobbies and learn new crafts. All this will add another dimension to your personality. This will also open your eyes to a new side of you that you may have not known before.

Crystals to support you this week: Keep besides you the creative energies of Turquoise and Blue Chalcedony. These will help you express your creativity in the best way possible.


Goddess Freyja is the giver of strength to natives of this powerful sun sign. This week, you can make a difference to your life and lives of those around you. You are in power this week and the universe provides you opportunities to show your positive strength. Don’t work with ego but humility as power comes with responsibility. Offer help to others who need it. Leadership skills are at their best and must be displayed. Take charge of your situations and know that you will succeed if you trust your abilities. Self-doubt can make matters difficult so don’t veer towards that.

Crystals to support you this week: Wearing a Ruby or Diamond will support your leadership plans. You can also wear Clear Quartz and program it to your need and intent.


Goddess Aine is asking you to become a risk taker this week. The Full Moon has opened many doors for you, which you may not even have noticed. The way you live life is being challenged and you will be asked to take some random calls that you may normally not even consider. You will meet people who are not your “type” and you will find energy in their company. This would feel like a huge change but it’s what this week is all about. Change the way you think. It’s not necessary to be the staid Aquarian. Become a risk taker and see what new things come your way. Refresh your perspective about love, money, friends, business and overall life.

Crystals to support you this week: Wear or keep close Black Onyx to keep you grounded through this week. Also, wearing Lodolite will help you in easy acceptance of the times that are changing.


Goddess Sekhmet gives you the gift of strength this week. Feel powerful to do what you want to. Be truthful and righteous as that’s the best power humans are blessed with but forget easily. So remember that being a good person is your biggest virtue. Make special effort to be kind and caring towards all. Hold that tongue and avoid sarcasm. Know your words have power too, so use them judiciously. You may get tempted to use your position of power at work or in a relationship but this week is not a good time to show it anywhere and may backfire by making people lose trust in you. Understand that you are most powerful when you add to others power as well and not only focus on yours.

Crystals to support you this week: Be gentle and humble and use Agate and Amethyst to keep you calm and help you recognise the good energy that you possess.


Goddess Cordelia pushes you outdoors to improve your physical health and wants you to step out of your comfort zone where your mind is concerned. Sometimes, being cooped inside a room and inside your head may seem the easiest thing to do but this is not the time for that. What you must do this week is step out. Walk outdoors and take in the beauty and warmth of summer. It will give your joints much-needed ease. It shall give you time to think out of the box and make you realise how creative you can be when you see things outside of a room. Listen to sounds of nature and meditate outdoors. Break away from the typical mode of hiding behind a facade and see for yourself what all you are capable of.

Crystals to support you this week: Choose a Green Aventurine or a Black Tourmaline to keep with you as you go outdoors. These shall help you connect with Mother Nature.


This week, Goddess Ixchel encourages you to use the Full Moon energy to seek guidance regarding your health from professionals. The highs and lows of your moods could be the result of a chemical imbalance within the body. This is not to scare you but only warn you since there has been major shift in energies for all sun signs but yours has been a little extra sensitive perhaps. Change in dietary habits shall help as well. Consuming organic food and preservative-free goods will do you good. Keep an eye on the blood pressure and sugar levels. Any issues that make you react abnormally or make you hyper should be avoided. Stay around happy, positive people to add to your better health quotient this week.

Crystals to support you this week: Consuming fresh water elixir made with Green Aventurine and/or Moon Stone will keep your energies calm and health in balance this week.


Goddess Pele (Reversed) This card appearing tilted is all about getting your priorities right this week. The goddess’ message is that things that you have been spending time on, may not be so important after all. If you feel you have been working hard, then wait for a while. Stop and re-think if this is what you want. Maybe you need to look at things from different angles. Some things may be beyond your control. And that’s okay too. Being all passionate and “out there” is not necessary. Stay low and watch as things unfold. Passion is important but knowing where to spend your energy is necessary as well. Maybe this project or this love interest may actually not need so much attention. Are you using more time and effort in it than necessary? Perhaps you know it too but like to hoodwink yourself and believe otherwise just to feel good.

Crystals to support you this week: To help fulfill passions and purpose, wear Malachite or a Carnelian.


Goddess Butterfly Maiden reminds you of your strength to transform. Of course challenges have taken a toll on your spirit and your inner strength recently. But that means that you have to power to survive it all. The pushing out of a cocoon is the toughest and most dangerous episode of a caterpillar’s life. The most rewarding and magical too. Break away from egoistical behaviours and wrong choices this week. Make friends wisely and listen to the advice coming your way. Everything and everyone is not perfect and nor can you be so. Take things with a pinch of salt and try to discover beauty and truth in every circumstance.

Crystals to support you this week: Sleeping with an Amethyst under your pillow will give clarity to your dreams and desires. Keep a Labrodorite with you to help manifest your dreams without fear.

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