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#ELLEHoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

Your guide to navigating the first week of May

By Ashtar Tashi  April 29th, 2019

Jupiter is in retrograde till August 11, pushing us to face our challenges so they can bring out the best in us. However, Pluto too has now gone in retrograde from April 20th, all the way till October 03. And the message it’s sending is super simple: de-clutter. Get ready to remove unwanted people from your social media accounts, clean up your desk, your closets and your real-life relationships. Make sure you surround yourself with the recommended colours to make the impact of this retrograde a little gentler this week. 


Goddess Eireen sends you blessings of a peaceful life for this week. Feel everything falling into place. All loose ends need to be tied up, so work on that. When it comes to friendships and matters of the heart, it's smooth sailing. Pending legal matters will soon end harmoniously and in your favour. If you wish to take a break and travel with friends and family, this is a good time to plan. Eat light and healthy and stay fit so you can enjoy this time of ease.

Lucky colours this week: Orange.



Goddess Isis is sending you signals this time to give up the past that you insist on holding on to. Why not try and let go of all that has stopped working for your good? This includes habits, fears, and friendships. Some might be difficult to walk away from but do kickstart the process. Surround yourself with trusted friends and family. Stay conservative in matters of love and romance.

Lucky colours this week: Black, grey.


Goddess Yemanya is guiding you this week and steering you towards some great times ahead. Stay confident in everything that you do. Feel grateful for the many opportunities that are coming your way. But it's important to not get carried away in all the excitement and stay focused and continue to do what has worked well for you till now. Don’t waste precious time with people who don’t value your ideas or those who bring you down. Watch out for those who're jealous of you. Your love life is looking up and you'll find that being romantic comes easy to you this week. So go ahead and plan a special day with your partner. 

Lucky colours: Lavender, violet, purple.


Goddess White Tara is watching you closely and seems a little concerned about you. Why are you pushing yourself into situations which you can actually avoid? You have a tendency to chase risks but you should lie low for a while. Stay away from the limelight and avoid people who lead you astray. You know who they are. Don’t get distracted by your bad habits. Cleanse and detox thoroughly.

Lucky colours this week: Pink


Goddess Aphrodite wants you to stop shying away from the limelight and showcase the best you have to offer. Go out there, work hard to make your wishes come true and be optimistic about the results. You're also in the mood for romance, go don't hesitate to make the first move.

Lucky colours this week: Darker yellow, amber.


Goddess Mother Mary gives you a tight hug this week. Look out for signs of help coming your way. Seek out friends, family and colleagues who will give you what you want. Forget the pain of the past and get ready for good times. Give away things you don’t use to charity and especially to women in need. Demonstrate your love, and it needn’t be only the romantic kind. There is more joy coming your way in that area too. So be patient and willing to embrace that soon.

Lucky colours this week: White


Goddess Aeracura is patting you on the back for all that you have achieved this month. So get rid of self-doubt, list your strengths and do what it takes to bring them to the fore. Stay in gratitude and keep working the way you have been so far. Things are also looking up in terms of romance and finances. All in all, a lucky week is in store for Geminis.

Lucky colours this week:Shades of pinks, white.


Goddess Lakshmi is smiling benevolently on you. All the hard work of the recent months will bring you some good results this week. Investments will show dividends and you'll also find gifts coming your way. Share your joys with others to double your happiness, but don't forget to pamper yourself too. Be generous with love and watch as more comes back.

Lucky colours this week: Yellow


Goddess Isolt is asking you to become a little more understanding right now, especially towards lovers and friends. Remember that people make mistakes. If you forgive and move on, you shall be at peace. Let bygones be bygones. You will only hurt yourself if you harbour pent up anger and resentment.

Lucky colours this week: Pastel blues and greens


Goddess Coventina wants you to focus on your mind-body balance this week. Any old eating or drinking habits that need altering should be taken seriously. Indulge in organic foods and beverages and read up about healthy diets. Take up yoga or go for a Pilates class—anything that gets you active. Make it more interesting by asking your partner to join you.

Lucky colours this week: Bright green.


Goddess Damara is asking if you have forgotten to be a child? If yes, then remind yourself to be a child again. When was the last time you laughed with abandon or went on a swing with a bunch of kids? De-stress with clay and dance like no one’s watching. Do all of this and enjoy the week. eave the serious attitude for another time. Go for ice cream dates with the love of your life and play hopscotch in the office parking lot. Sounds like fun? Well, then go ahead and do it all!

Lucky colours this week: All bright colours of the rainbow


Goddess Freyja seeks you out this week to make you stand on your own two feet and not hesitate to take the leap you are supposed to. Speak up where you need to and let everyone know you mean business. Follow your gut instincts. And if you are keen on someone, this is the time to let him or her know.

Lucky colours this week: Ruby red.

If it’s your birthday this week: You may do things differently this week and that may actually be a good thing. Don’t sign any new deals near the weekend because you may end up losing. Introspect and give up a habit that has been a block in your life. And lastly, earn some good karma by helping  those in need. You may feel inspired by the stories of the people you choose to help.

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