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#ELLEHoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

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By Ashtar Tashi  May 20th, 2019

The Full Moon, which has just gone by, has created gateways for you to be conscious of what you want to change in your life. Some harsh calls may have to be made but what’s a little pain to make some new gains?

Your weekly horoscope is here:

Goddess Guinevere guides you to enjoy some fun time with your love this week. Let misunderstandings dissolve and don’t get into unnecessary arguments. If you are looking for new love, you will have to let go of your extra choosy attitude. Health is good this week if you stay positive. Don’t let money matters bog you down. This too shall pass.NATURE POWER: Surround yourself with jasmine flowers and fragrance this week. Gift the flowers to your beloved. Enhance money energy by lighting this incense near your cash box too

Goddess Athena expects you to become aware of your wisdom now. It’s high time you trusted your own intuition rather than depending on others. Especially in matters of business and wealth. If you don’t goof up, love will flow in your direction. And when it comes to health, say goodbye to your bad habits; you know what you need to do.NATURE POWER: Marigold and bright yellow lilies will energise your mind and make you feel more positive when you keep them around this week.

Goddess Kali wants you to make the shift where you need it most. How about just letting go of that relationship that saps you of all your energy? Is it worth hankering after? At work, finish what needs to be done and seek that something new that you have been eyeing. Tying up loose ends becomes a priority. Bad unhealthy lifestyle needs to be given up to make space for a healthier way of living.

NATURE POWER: Enjoy energies of ruby red roses and red hibiscus this week. Add these as essence to your food too and make it your fragrance of choice.

Goddess Cordelia pushes you outdoors this week. Get out of your comfort zone. Go out there and find that someone special. See and be seen. Money shall give you comforts and joy if you step out and spend instead of always being in a saving mode. Pamper yourself with healthy goodies and natural, organic foods, beverages and also spa treatments. Sounds like a happy week for sure.

NATURE POWER: Using cinnamon in your daily routine will relax your mind and body. Have it in your drink and sprinkle some on your food.

Goddess Freyja makes you bold and asks you to be a risk taker this week. Proclaim your love publicly, without caring about being a subject of gossip. Money matters can work in your favour if you are willing to learn from some mistakes and yet take that one step forward. You won’t lose anything.

NATURE POWER: Lemons and limes shall help you maintain a balance in your health this week. It shall also ward away negativity if kept as a small plant inside your home.

Goddess Yemanya is the goddess who has chosen to open some closed doors for you this week. Make your love life exciting this week by thinking out of the box. Flowers, chocolates and cards are passé. Ideas at work take shape and new people walk in at the work place with some exciting ideas. You may want to consider those but do not take unhealthy risks. Think of securing your future first. Health remains a mixed bag this week.

NATURE POWER: Smelling perfumes with base notes of lemongrass or peppermint will lift your spirits and get you in a goodmood.

Goddess Vesta blesses your week with abundance in your home life. Make amends with family and resolve any old misunderstandings. It’s important to have closures. If married, you will have to make compromises to keep the peace in the relationship. Don’t let your ego come in the way. At work, be humble and treat colleagues and subordinates like family and lend them a patient ear. Health wise, it would be best to eat simple, fresh home cooked meals instead of ordering junk food.

NATURE POWER: Sipping on chamomile tea and surrounding yourself with white flowers will keep the energies calm and collected.

Goddess Ishtar reminds you to put up your walls. You do not need to be generous with your love and help. But this is only for those who you know have been using you and not treating you right. Keep a watch on your diet this week and avoid over indulging in unhealthy food. Expenses are going to hit the roof so be cautious with your spending.

NATURE POWER: Breathe in the fragrance of lotus flowers in the form of perfumes and incense.

Goddess Green Tara is going to listen to all your prayers this week. So demand and see for yourself. Reach out to that heartthrob and know you will get a positive reaction. Allow the universe to deal that that pending money issue. It shall get unstuck this week for your good. If you are feeling depleted of energy, allow the universe to show you ways to better healthier diet and exercise regime.

NATURE POWER: Ginger or rosehip tea will enhance your confidence in many ways this week.

Goddess Coventina is waiting for you to step forward and make the right move for all areas of life. Stop being taken for granted. It’s time to drop the dependency on those who actually hurt you or treat you badly. This kind of love isn’t healthy. Leave habits that make you their slave. All kind of addictions (even for simple things) are to be avoided. Not because of what they are, but because you are so dependent on them. Let go of greed for power and growth. This week, just go easy and live a little free.

NATURE POWER: Surround yourself with white tuberoses and allow their fragrance to calm your nerves as you release what you don’t need.

Goddess Sige seeks to remind you to connect with your silent space and your need for quiet within and outside. So take your beloved and go away for a short romantic sojourn where it’s only the two of you. This week is perfect to find meaning in your silences. Heal your mind with meditation and deep breathing exercises. So taking that break to be with nature is actually a god idea. Go for it.

NATURE POWER: Lavender is the essence of silence and inner peace. Enjoy it in every way possible this week.

Goddess Isis is making you shed off the darkness from the past. If you have failed in the past, you need to forget it now. Lost love must be forgotten to invite new love. Give up fears of the past that may have crippled you. You will feel strong again now. Money loss and mistakes made in business must be let go of to start afresh. Make a new beginning for your own happiness. You deserve it.

NATURE POWER: Surround yourself with fragrant pink flowers in every shade. Allow the energies of self-love and compassion wash over you.

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