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#ELLEhoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

Your guide to navigating the third week of March

By Ashtar Tashi  March 19th, 2019

 The New Moon Energy of last week changed a lot of things for many people. New beginnings and the sowing of some great ideas and plans were the main highlights. This week, we aren’t only in the midst of the energies, and the Mercury Retrograde (which has been around from March 5 and will stay for another few days till the end of the month), but we are also approaching the Full Moon on 21 March. With so much astral activity, you need to stay calm and also have your wits about you.

Your weekly horoscope is here:


Goddess Kali (Reversed) wants to assure you that this week is that of dynamic changes, but the reversed appearance also means that you must live with awareness through these changesnot ignore the good that shall come out of this and not be disappointed if you don’t get what you want. The universe knows best and won't cheat you. The Full Moon and the Mercury Retrograde are working in tandem for you, allowing you to let go of what you don’t need and opening up doors to what is best for your growth at all levels. This is the time for high quality realisations. Release, repair and heal, this week.


Goddess White Tara makes you aware of your weaknesses and sensitivities this week. The Full Moon shines bright on the issues that you need to resolve, making it easier to see what needs to change. Don’t feel guilty for your mistakes, nor should you feel that you aren’t good enough. Such behaviour of self-doubt can sabotage a lot of the hard work you have done on yourself in the past few weeks. So focus on your strengths and be kinder to your heart, mind and body. It’s okay if you don’t feel up to doing some regular things.


Goddess Diana brings your attention to your sharp mind and asks you to show some determination to achieve your goals this week. Be absolutely focused and don’t get distracted. Doors have been opening for you and there’s no way you should close them yourself. Sit calmly and make lists of your goals and all that you need to do to make them a reality. Mercury, being your ruling planet and the giver of the gift of communication, Geminis, respect the retrograde and keep that tongue in check. Just concentrate on hard work and determination to succeed in the arenas of love, work and life in general. 



Goddess Maeve is asking you to look after your health this week. If you have been working too much and have tired yourself out, rest and relax this week. Your body will ask for attention and you should give it some. Maeve supports the energy of the Full Moon and asks you to heal from within. Spend some time introspecting to see how far you have come. You deserve a pat on your back for that. If you feel moody and edgy, just go outdoors and be in silence, away from the maddening crowds. You are the happiest on your own and will cherish that even more right now.


Goddess Sarasvati guides you to love yourself even more this week. Leos are great lovers and normally don’t need anyone to tell them how grand they are. This week, do it for yourself! Show yourself some love. Create opportunities to do more creative activities. Play a sport that you enjoy, read, write and also sing. Enrol in a class that interests you. Anything that enhances your confidence quotient shall be welcome. The Full Moon and the Mercury Retrograde both add some vital energy to your mood and make you more talkative and boisterous, but there is no harm in it. Just make sure you don’t hurt anyone with words that may not convey what you actually want to say. Now, that could put you in hot water.



Goddess Sekhmet sends you loads of protection this week. Things and people are attacking you from all sides and it’s getting to you. Yes, a week of being tested and you can’t help but wonder if you deserve such harsh treatment. But guess what? The goddess of power and strength wants you know that you aren’t alone. Well-wishers who mean good will also surround you. You will find strength in people’s words and actions that will give you confidence about your own abilities. Show the world what you are made of.


Goddess Isolt assures you that you are loved. If there is a communication issue with your loved ones, remember that you aren’t being targeted. It’s just the Mercury Retrograde that’s playing truant. With fairness just being part of your nature, you may feel that in spite all your efforts, people aren’t respecting your good intentions, and perhaps judging you. It’s okay. A passing phase, really. Stay grounded in the belief that you are loved and respected, even though it may seem otherwise on the outside.



Goddess Pele enhances the passion inside of you. You have been aching to do something different and maybe even challenging. This week, the Full Moon energies fan the flames to burn brighter.  Do what excites you but stay away from potential dangers of what you may regret later. Look out for friends and associates who help you see the passion that is yours and go right ahead with some plans that otherwise may have been boring for you. Maybe you need to challenge yourself a little more. If you are looking to fulfil a long cherished dream, then think before talking about it. Keep proper detailed information in hand before sharing your ideas with others.; your intentions might be misunderstood.


Goddess Kuan Yin advises you to be generous of spirit this week. The shifts of energy, thanks to the full moon approaching and being bang in the middle of the Mercury Retrograde, will have its own issues. Problems of being judgmental may come easy at this time but can be avoided if you are a little more understanding about people and what they are trying to convey. It’s not easy sometimes, but definitely required. The start of compassion and understanding happens when you can be the same to yourself first. If you are angry with someone for any past happenings, use this week to resolve matters and close that. Make a fresh start if you wish to or let go of it completely. Make a wise choice, keeping the future in perspective.



Goddess Nemetona wants you to realise the importance of introspection and contemplation this week. Energies of the universe will push you into some unfamiliar territories and you may want to seek divine intervention. Sit in meditation, if possible, and you can trust your inner instinct if you are willing to go deeper into matters that are of concern, instead of just skimming the surface. Things which have been going on forever—problems at work, issues in relationships, legal hassles, health problems—need your undivided attention. And if you want solutions, you should sit down in a quiet space and ask yourself what all needs to be done to make it work for the good of everyone concerned. The Mercury Retrograde wills you to have a conversation with yourself, which you have been avoiding for sometime. Face the truth and have faith that the universe supports you whole-heartedly. 


Goddess Damara, the goddess of inner child healing, beckons you to her warm loving arms this week. It’s time to find your innocence again. If the last few weeks have been challenging, you can choose to take it easy and rest a little now. Do not start moping. Instead, find ways to cheer yourself up. Like children who forget their little sorrows, you should do the same. Let bygones be bygones and don’t hold things within. If you wish to clear the air with someone, you can do it this week. The Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon both give you the impetus to let go of your burden by having a heart-to heart with those around you, without holding any grudges. It’s a good week to spend time with yourself, doing things that you normally don’t have time for. Go out and play, and let go of your worries for a little while.


Goddess Green Tara holds your hand and asks you to pass your burdens on to her. The responsibilities that bog you down should be allowed to be handled by someone who knows better. Sometimes we create a huge cloud of despair around issues that can be taken care of better by someone else, who perhaps has more experience and ability to do it. So why not look at that solution, instead of trying to do everything yourself? It's okay to feel disheartened this time of the Mercury Retrograde phase but the Full Moon also supplies you with some clarity of mind and makes you realise that the answers to your questions can be answered better by someone else and not you, for a change.