#ELLEMyTech: Artist Alicia Souza Shares Her 5 Go-To Apps Advertisement

#ELLEMyTech: Artist Alicia Souza Shares Her 5 Go-To Apps

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By Sonali Shah  May 13th, 2021

One of Instagram’s most-loved artists, and now a young mum, Alicia Souza juggles many roles. Here are the five apps she relies on to retain her sanity.

1. Audible 

Alcia Souza
I’ve been an audiobook listener for years now and always have one book on ‘listen’ and one on ‘read’. I listen to it when I walk the dog or go on walks. So, I’ve been pretty good with fulfilling my book quota for the year, even through pregnancy and since delivery.

2. Procreate

This is, of course, because I’m an illustrator, but also because I draw a lot of notes.

Alicia Souza

3. Kindle 


Alicia Souza
Since my little guy has been born, I finally adopted digital book reading. The night-time feeds allowed me to get a little bit of reading done.

4. Instagram 

Alicia Souza
It’s my social media app of choice.

5. Baby Care

Alicia Souza
This app is the one I’ve used since my little one has been born. It’s basically a tracker and I use it to track feed times and boob sides! I don’t use the rest of the app as much, but it also tracks height, weight, etc.

Illustration: Alicia Souza

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