#ELLEPlaylist: 8 Songs Team ELLE Is Playing On Repeat This Month

Whether you’re feeling low or had a stressful day at work, listening to your favourite songs can always uplift your mood and spirit. But let’s face facts, we’re always on the hunt for new songs to add to our playlist. That’s why we’re giving you some of our song suggestions this month. From music that will make you groove to lyrics that will inspire you,  here’s all that Team ELLE is playing on repeat this month: 

1. Zoha Castellino, Fashion Editor 

On Repeat: Feels Right by Biig Piig

I Like It Because: It’s my favourite wake-up song currently. It’s upbeat and happy, in stark contrast to me as a morning person.

2. Sonali Shah, Deputy Editor

On Repeat: Hazey by Glass Animals

I Like It Because: I enjoy the fluid tempo and the fact that the lyrics are hummable. It’s a conversation between a young boy looking for love from his recovering alcoholic mother in a subtle language. But if you leave out this depressing bit and just listen to the song for its tempo, it’s fun.


3. Ekta Ashar, Marketing Head 

On Repeat: Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran

I Like It Because: It always puts me in a groovy mood and is just the perfect pick-me-up. Especially on difficult, hectic days!

4. Ruman Baig, Senior Digital Writer

On Repeat: Lighter / Time by Laundry Day

I Like It Because: The lyrics hit home, and the soothing pace makes for a perfect companion while driving dramatically in the rain. Totally sets the mood.

5. Isha Mayer, Digital Writer 

On Repeat: Streets by Doja Cat

I Like It Because: I’m a sucker for songs with a slow pace and good beats, and Streets has the perfect beat drop that creates a whole different vibe along with Doja’s singing and rap.

6. Sanjana Suvarna, Senior Graphic Designer 

On Repeat: Rain Girl by Adi

I Like It Because: It’s a rap song with lyrics interchanging from Hindi to English. The rap artist from Mumbai takes inspiration from Bollywood, which can be heard in the beats.

7. Nishtha Shukla, Editorial Intern

On Repeat: Pull My Heart Away by Jack Peñate

I Like It Because: It’s an old song, but I relate to it right now. It talks about moving on from a place of comfort. I feel this song can hold different meanings to different people but is relatable, no matter what the situation. To me, it means exploring opportunities and stepping out of comfort zones, pushing boundaries. Besides the lyrics, the music is really uplifting, and I can totally imagine vibing to it at a concert.

8. Aliza Fatma, Editorial Intern

On Repeat: Whip A Tesla by Yung Gravy, bbno$

I Like It Because: The lyrics of this song are very catchy, and the beats sit perfectly with it.

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