#ELLERecommends: Priyanka Chopra’s Unfinished

Few things are more intriguing than a glimpse into the inner machinations of the life of a woman who dreamt of world domination and then went ahead and made it a reality. When Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s biography finally released, to say I was piqued would be an understatement.

And that’s how I landed up, headfirst into Unfinished a memoir by one of India’s trailblazing stars. Leafing through the book is almost like sitting across Priyanka on a cosy evening, exchanging stories and revelling in an extraordinary journey over drinks, as you would with a close friend. There’s a warm intimacy radiating through every page, right from when PCJ lets us into the loneliness she felt when she was shipped off to a hostel, to being bullied in high school. At every point, turn and corner, Priyanka’s inner voice is nudging her onwards to the next adventure, the next challenge, the next wave. And in the course of reading this book, she passes this voice on to the readers as well.

In Unfinished, we not only get a tete a tete with Priyanka the global star but also Priyanka the family girl. The loving relationship she shared with her father and her camaraderie with her mother, resonated with me at a personal level, and reinforced the idea that even at the end of the most successful day, it is family that’s worth being cherished the most. Priyanka takes us on a journey through her life so far, not as a guide or a curator, but as a friend – sharing her failings, vulnerabilities and laurels alike with delightful candour. The book reads exactly as she would speak, which makes it a wonderfully breezy yet soulfully poignant experience. There’s humour, spunk and humility in equal measure.


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For fans of Bollywood gossip, Unfinished will certainly come up short. It’s no juicy tell-all. It’s something far better: a unique glimpse into the life and times of the woman who did what few in the Indian film industry have managed to do – put India on the global mainstream map. But fans of the star will find themselves wanting a bit more, perhaps, a deeper dive into key moments of her journey? All in all, this is a book that is warm, funny, sassy, inspiring, bold, and rebellious, just like its author.

Pages: 256
Price (Hardcover): ₹452
Available On: Amazon | Audible


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