#ELLERoundUp: Breakthrough Fashion Launches Of 2020 Advertisement

#ELLERoundUp: Breakthrough Fashion Launches Of 2020

Here are the fashion game changers of 2020

By Ruman Baig  December 28th, 2020

Fashion as we know it took a backseat in 2020. The pandemic led to the cancellation of all major fashion events, which essentially would have dominated the trends of this year. Since everyone was home, including the designers who set the course for the season, we saw an array of innovative breakthrough fashion launches that emerged on our timelines during these last 10 months.

Brands put their creative hats on and served us some really useful launches that came in handy, as we sulked looking chic at home—a special mention to all the loungewear labels that upped its game. Considering most of us were in lockdown, and only went out for essentials, our wardrobes were systematically divided between stay-at-home-sweats and taking-out-trash sweats. Another closet dark horse that finally got its due was the infamous kaftan. You can credit the upper-eat-siders of Juhu and Bandra, popularly known as Kareena Kapoor Khan and Rhea Kapoor for becoming the kaftan influencers we didn’t know we needed.

This business year was all about keeping it casual. Upper body dressing took precedence over lower body fits, and jeans were sent on a never-ending sabbatical. Joggers and oversized blazers paired up and became the unexpected prom king and queen of the year. Athleisure gripped tightly to its cool-guy title, as people started to not just workout but also binge-watch in their stretchy yoga pants.

While the clothing options were constrained within the walls of comfort, it’s the accessory labels that finally got to experiment and step outside of their comfort zone. Chained masks, airpod holder earrings, pearled hair clips to hold your masks, and some trendy new glasses to go with it.

For those who haven’t spent their year scrolling on Instagram like us, here are some of the breakthrough fashion launches of the year 2020.

breakthrough fashion
This accessory hack single-handedly fixed your mask troubles. If it bothers your ears, clip it with an oversized pearled clip. Voila!
breakthrough fashion
Misho's pebble and Pro Pod earrings are the cult product of the year. it's functional, stylish and holds your fancy airpods in place.
breakthrough fashion
Since we've only dressed torso and above this year, oversized jackets have been the ultimate saviours. Team it with joggers and you have a clean semi-formal look on your hand.
breakthrough fashion
After starting out with sweats in March and before reaching day dresses in June, there was a transitional phase where everybody was seen rocking this voluminous kaftans.
We love our body-con and bandage dresses, but this year called for comfort fits with big sleeve energy.
Athleisure got a fancy upgrade in 2020, as it became the official going-out outfits for those rare occasions. In addition to the sports bra and joggers, throw over a matching blazer/jacket, some cool sneakers and glasses and you're good to go.
Grandma knitted sweaters and crochet tops saw a resurgence when socially distanced park picnics became a regular hang-out activity.
Breakthrough fashion
For those who keep forgetting their masks by keeping them in random places, these cool chained masks are tailor-made for you. Plus, the golden side chains will have you feeling like a sanitised rapper.