#ELLETriesIt: 3 salon treatments for healthy hair

WHAT: Matrix Mirror Shine BlackSpa Service
WHERE: At all Matrix salons
DURATION: 45 minutes
PRICE: Rs 400 onwards
This was a seriously big step up from the last hair product I used specifically for black hair (household name, drugstore bought). I was excited to see just what the Matrix Mirror Shine treatment, which claims to bring out the best in naturally black hair, could do for my severely damaged mop. We started with something called a shine enhance booster dose for my hair cuticles and then the Opti.black spa treatment was massaged into my scalp. An Opti.black shampoo wash, conditioner and serum-doused blow dry later, my hair was visibly softer and shiny. Despite my lazy hair care tendencies, I’ve continued to use the shampoo and conditioner (every time!) from the range—I’m dedicated to retaining this sheen for at least the designated 24 washes.
— Arshie Chevalwala

WHAT: Kérastase Fusio Dose
WHERE: All Kérastase salons
DURATION: 45 minutes
PRICE: Rs 900 onwards
Kérastase’s new treatment promised instant conditioning within 15 minutes—that appealed to me greatly because I’m usually told that my very dry hair will only start to retain some hydration if I treat it regularly for a minimum of six months. The stylist first assessed my primary and secondary issues—dehydration and a slightly flaky scalp—with the genius Kérastase diagnostic camera, in which your scalp looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. From a selection of four concentrates and five boosters, the stylist chose for me a combination of the Oléo-Fusion concentrate and the Nutrition booster. After a wash, she thoroughly massaged in the blend of antioxidants and natural jojoba and avocado oils. By the end of the treatment, my hair felt softer and more nourished. Word to the wise though: the effect lasts just as long as it takes to create.
— Cheryl-Ann Couto

WHAT: Nutri Straight Quadra Therapy
WHERE: Lakmé Absolute Salon, New Delhi
DURATION: 210 minutes
PRICE: Rs 7,800 onwards plus taxes (depending on hair length)
I’m game for anything that offers to nourish my hair and permanently control frizz, and this treatment offered great promise from the get-go. After a basic analysis, we started with a deep cleansing hair wash and a pre-treatment protective spray. Next, the stylist coated my strands with a thick straightening cream and rinsed it off after 10 minutes. After a light blow dry, I was treated to a nourishing acai oil massage to prep for the smoothening process. He then applied the cysteine protein complex and wrapped my hair in cling film for half an hour. This was followed by another blow dry and flat-ironing to seal in the protein. He finished the treatment with a final rinse. Running my fingers through my hair never felt so good.
— Devika Wahal


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