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#ELLETriesIt: My Home Fitness

Train with a celebrity fitness instructor at home

By Mamta Mody  September 14th, 2017

Undying commitment to a workout regimen is the toughest part of staying fit. I’m usually bored, don’t feel challenged or just don’t see the results, and very quickly abandon the class. But I recently found a workout that will stick on longer than the usual three-month honeymoon period–Ramona Braganza’s My Home Fitness. The celebrity trainer (who counts Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba as her clients) created this concept based on her popular 3-2-1 method that’s a combination of cardio, strength training and core workout. Its ever-changing routine promises to keep you engaged and in the best shape.

Think of this workout like an upgraded version of home fitness videos (remember Jane Fonda?) with a real-life personal trainer to help you customise each move to match your fitness levels. My instructor was trained by Ramona and made sure I never missed a beat as we followed Ramona’s voice that instructed us through a mobile app. Since it was my first session, we decided to keep it at 20 minutes, but a regular session can be up to an hour long. And it covered everything from spot jogging, squats, planks and crunches. My trainer assured me that they rarely repeat a routine and they will be changed as my endurance improves.

What works: You can do it anywhere by yourself or with a group of friends; I tried it at the ELLE office and didn’t need any equipment, except a yoga mat. Ramona’s pep talk and the trainer’s attention to form made sure I never gave up, even when I struggled to complete ten push-ups.