#ELLETriesIt : Nubar Gelicure at Lakmé Salon

Gelicures take less commitment than tattoos but definitely more than plain ol’ nail varnishes. There’s the promise of the nail colour not chipping for weeks, which is about as true as the Titanic was unsinkable. It does chip. Only far, far less than its regular counterparts – mine went a week before it happened. But you won’t notice signs of any tip wear. The best part? It works perfectly on natural nails as well as extensions, gives brittle nails industrial strength and you won’t need touch-ups at all.

Here’s how I got one: I surrendered my nails to the manicurist at the Lakmé Absolute Salon, Bandra, who proceeded to buff them. A primer followed, and then two coats of nail colour – I chose a Nubar Vampire Red. After each coat, you’re required to pop your hand under the UV light unit for 30 seconds to seal it in. Be sure to correct any spillovers beforehand though, there’s just no correcting them later. The end result? Nail colour you won’t have to fuss over for three whole weeks. It stays intact, shine and all.

PS: Since this isn’t a DIY colour, account for a visit to the parlour for a clean-up once the nail bed begins to peek.

Rs 2000 plus taxes. Available at select Lakmé Salons

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