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#ELLETriesIt: Zehen, Centre of Wellness

A holistic approach to well-being

By Malini Banerji  November 7th, 2016

Think an ayurvedic nirvana, spa retreat and culinary haven all nestled in the bustling city of New Delhi. The award-winning center for well-being, Zehen is devoted to your overall well-being. A day at Zehen entails a personally crafted wellness experience consisting of diagnosis, treatments and meals all attending to your individual needs. To begin with, an Ayurveda doctor is assigned for thorough weigh-in, emotionally and physically. Followed by treatments, an Ayurveda oil massage that energises the whole body and eliminates toxins, along-with herbal poultices that are stamped all over the body. These treatments are to rebalance the doshas, hence more medicinal than pampering. Since Zehen is a holistic spa with a heart, a food menu in alignment to your doshas is prepared, think grilled fish zuchini spaghetti or gilled chicken wok tossed quinoa pulao. A perfect palette that pampers your gut as well as your tastebuds. Packed with a fitness center and personal trainers, this spot is the perfect place to get in shape while treating yourself. We suggest cancelling your trip to Kerala or Thailand and just taking a ride to Delhi’s very own wellness retreat.

Zehen, Centre of Wellness at The Manor, New Delhi. Tel: 011 4323 5111