Emma Watson has a fairytale closet to go along with her dreamy life Advertisement

Emma Watson has a fairytale closet to go along with her dreamy life

With one important distinction though

By Hasina Khatib  April 18th, 2017

We always thought that celebrity closets were something of a factory line-up of Louboutins, Hermès Birkins and maybe a couple of impulse buys for Coachella season. Rookie mistake. Especially if you’re talking about actress and activist Emma Watson. The modern day Belle shunned corsets out of her Beauty and the Beast wardrobe to take a stand for feminism, so why should her real life closet be any different?

“That’s really the issue that we have with fashion. People are buying clothes and throwing them away after wearing them twice, filling land(fills), and creating unsafe working conditions. Destroying the planet, essentially,” she rued in an interview with Coveteur.

The actress took her conscious dressing cause to the red carpet by championing eco-friendly labels for her Beauty and the Beast promotional tour. Even the gorgeous Elie Saab number that she donned for the movie’s premiere was crafted out of leftover fabric from a previous runway collection. “(Becoming conscious about dressing) has been incredibly liberating in a funny way. It’s narrowed my options so much, I’m so much more creative. I actually really think it’s helped me dress better because I have less, but they’re things that are perfect,” laughs Emma.

Where does her bottom-less pile of sustainable outfits stem from? “I use Instagram (to shop) a lot more than I used to, because I find lots of brands through it,” she admits, before adding, “I would often find I was going into stores and feel like, ‘Oh, I’ve only got an hour, I need to buy something, this isn’t what I came in for but it’s here, so I’ll purchase it.’ I never do that now.”

Inside Emma Watson’s eco-friendly closet

Photographs: Coveteur