10 Independent, Ethical Fashion Labels You Need To Bookmark

With homegrown fashion labels holding a rich textile history and unrivalled craft heritage entering the scene, the market has witnessed a surge of sorts. It’s the kind of surge that doesn’t come with a price tag hanging around the planet. Think independent, ethical fashion labels, which are the ultimate need of the hour.

They are responsibly sourced, PETA-certified, vegan or simply put—green. If starting your journey with conscious fashion has been a minefield, then consider this your help. Ahead, we have put together 10 ethical fashion labels that deserve a spot in your closet with minimal (or zero) harm to mother earth.

1. No Nasties

If you’re on the lookout for wardrobe essentials like basic tees, dresses and even canvas bags in soothing and earthy tones, No Nasties is for you. The label makes use of only 100% certified organic cotton and is also approved by PETA as vegan. With no usage of toxic chemicals, GMO seeds, unsafe factories, and materials like fur, wool, leather and silk, this ethical fashion label certainly lives up to its name.

Ethical Fashion

What We Love: No Nasties employs a strict no child labour policy, is carbon-neutral (zero emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere) and features zero-plastic packaging.

2. Saltpetre

Helmed by Pooja Monga, Saltpetre has championed constructing minimal and sophisticated workwear silhouettes from the root. From the choice of raw materials to elements of the supply chain, each effort ensures minimal environmental impact. Made from materials like plastic bottles found on the beach and organic cotton, the label majorly emphasises on small batch production.

Ethical Fashion

What We Love: Every shipment of this ethical fashion label comes packed in 100% biodegradable packaging. It can be used as a window planter by incubating the herb seeds which come with it or can simply be put in a compost bin.

3. Bareek

Ditch stealing a shirt from the man in your life for that classic, layered look. Our say: head to menswear label—Bareek by Aman Singh, which designs the same silhouettes, only sustainable. Bareek works with exceptional fabric makers and cooperatives like Dastkar Andhra, Women Weave and Naresh Marwada in Kutch. Its hunt for conscious and lasting fabrics has led to sourcing from Italy, Peru and Spain.

Ethical Fashion

What We Love: The brand features heritage Indian techniques like ikat on fabrics like khadi, jamdhani and is completely sustainable.

4. 11:11

For sustainable pret pieces, trust 11:11. With a brand philosophy that follows ‘seed to stitch’, 11:11 is renowned for its use of indigenous cotton and 100% natural dyes, which are harmless to the skin. The label also maintains its unique handmade vision with the use of techniques like hand spinning, handloom weaving, hand painting, miniature tie-dyeing, and quilting.

Ethical Fashion

What We Love: The wide range of product offerings. From womenswear, menswear, accessories to even stuff for your abode, there’s a plethora to shop from.

5. Lota India

Have an inclination towards silhouettes that are colourful, feature patchwork and are extremely playful? The sartorial offerings by Lota India will fill the void. The ethical fashion label aims to give new life to the fabric waste and scraps discarded by the mainstream fashion industry. By collaging them into novel silhouettes, the brand promotes the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Ethical Fashion

What We Love: Lota India is the first fashion label in the country to make use of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) models to showcase their pieces online. This initiative is an effort towards reducing their overall carbon footprint.

6. Increscent India

Keeping vintage-inspired aesthetics at the forefront of the brand, Increscent lays major focus on selling silhouettes that are an extension of one’s thoughts, ideas, character and personality. Almost 60% of the fabric used in its collections are sourced from the dead stock of various fabric vendors and export houses. If you love minimal, vintage clothing, then Increscent is the ideal choice for you.

What We Love: The label keeps cloth wastage to a minimum and preserves artisanal heritage. Each piece is made ethically by a small community workshop nestled in Rajasthan, India.

7. Maati

Maati by Neha Kabra is a contemporary womenswear label from Udaipur, Rajasthan, which derives its name from ‘soil’. The label is environmentally friendly, PETA verified and makes use of upcycled fabrics, natural dyes and print colours and features plastic-free packaging.

What We Love: The brand makes use of handlooms which consumes less water and carbon footprint. It also upcycles the wasted yarn scraps into fabric.

8. InSom

Love asymmetric cuts? The brand has it all from elevated Peter Pan collars, playful hemlines, upgraded sleeves, and calming tie-dyes. InSom is organic at heart and offers upcycled clothing with 100% zero waste techniques of production.

What We Love: InSom makes sure that its production process doesn’t result in any waste or fabric scraps being sent to landfills, hence reducing its overall waste.

9. B Label India

The brainchild of Boheco India (short for Bombay Hemp Company), B Label India features sustainable clothing made out of industrial hemp. The clothing mirrors a mood that’s rather relaxed and fuss-free. Think tones of greys, light mustards, creams, whites and summery blues.

What We Love: The parent company of this label provides hemp-based products through sustainable agriculture and artisan empowerment.

10. We Are Sui

Based in India and Singapore, We Are Sui is a conscious fashion label with the objective to connect ‘the treads of nature with fashion’. By focusing on minimal impact on the planet, the label aims to promote conscious fashion. If a sustainable and ethical fashion label had to spell summery pastels at their best, this label would be it.

What We Love: We Are Sui sells its most loved clothing pieces online in its ‘Green Heart Sale’. Also, the label makes use of sources like herbal-dyed hemp and wildflowers to extract dyes for its sustainable silhouettes.

Photographs: Instagram

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