‘Camp’ fashion decoded in 35 Met Gala looks

The Met Gala is one of the most exciting fashion events on the calendar, ‘the Oscars of fashion’, if you will. Each year, the Met’s Costume Institute hosts a benefit to introduce its latest exhibition to the world, and to raise money for the museum. The theme is decided months in advance and all the attendees are expected to reinterpret this theme in their signature styles. Naturally, this means that the Met Gala’s pink carpet has seen some exceptionally outrageous, endlessly creative and completely fantastical looks over the years. The Met Gala is an occasion for designers and celebrities to challenge themselves and look at fashion through a cultural lens. 

This year’s theme, ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ demanded irreverence, inspired risks and celebrated diversity. And the fashion industry turned up. This year, the world was treated to look after jawdropping look at the Gala that was special in more ways than one; Cher opened the evening with an iconic performance that set the tone for the rest of the wild and wonderful night. 

Here’s every red carpet moment you need to see from the 2019 Met Gala:


The campiest of them all:

[Gallery id=”1914″]


Hats, crowns and embellished wigs, headgears were the ultimate fashion accessory this season: 

[Gallery id=”1915″]


India was well-represented on the red carpet: 

[Gallery id=”1917″]


The Kardashian-Jenner looks worth writing home about:

[Gallery id=”1916″]

 Photographs: Getty Images, Instagram.


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