Everything you need to wear glitter eye make-up

ICYMI, USA gymnast Simone Biles has been creating history at the Rio Olympics (check out the best moments from the games here) but for us she really won the gold for her glittery American flag-inspired eyeliner. It’s not just her, we’ve had our eyes on chunky specks of shimmery make-up ever since we saw models walk down the fall runway in several versions of the trend (recently Instagram went crazy over PatMcGrath’s sparkly lipkit). While glitter eyes comes with its own set of troubles, here are a few tips on how to own the trend so you don’t end the night looking like a disco ball:

–      You can’t get away with using craft glitter – it’ll only leave your skin irritated and red. Go for powdered glitter or high-shine pigment. You can mix it with Inglot’s Duraline solution that lends a creaminess to any powder formulations. 

–      Build a strong, tacky foundation for the glitter specks with a primer or mixing medium. You can wear it as a line along the lashes, over the entire lid or on the cheeks and then dab the shimmer on top.

–      To make sure the glitter doesn’t fall all over your face and neck, place a mirror on a lower surface so you have to look down in it. This allows the loose pigment to fall straight on the mirror instead of on your cheeks.

–      If you’re looking for a subtler hint of shine, try a cream shadow or liquid liner like the Maybelline Hyperglossy Electrics liner.

–      Taking glitter off of your face is actually the toughest challenge. Use an oil-based remover that is super gentle and makes sure you have no residue left.

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