Exclusive: Chanel's bowling alley in the sky Advertisement

Exclusive: Chanel’s bowling alley in the sky

Watch the making of Chanel's Chance Eau Vive campaign

In case you hadn’t stopped to notice, it’s been 12 years since we first laid our hands on Chanel Chance. The latest in the Chance bouquet, is a zestful burst of grapefruit and blood orange – and it’s called Chance Eau Vive. Yes, fruity but it’s not sticky-sweet. It lingers with a light jasmine and white musk accord. a keen nose will even pick up hints of fresh vetiver and cedar-iris.

The campaign imagines a bowling alley in the sky. One where you don’t need to do any heavy lifting. You strike with Chanel Chance instead. The brand roped in the legendary Jean-Paul Goude – the very photographer who gave us a certain Kim Kardashian cover that broke the internet.

“We told a little story about a bottle. We wanted to play with it so we got them to go bowling,” he says speaking about this Chanel campaign. “The challenge was to bring an object to life; the bottle and the world around it.” And he does this with remarkably little CGI. Watch those bottles fly 2.33 minutes into the video. And kids, don’t try this at home, or there’ll be hell to pay.  

See the final campaign here: 

Chance Eau Vive will be available in stores starting June 12