Exclusive: First look at Sanjay Garg’s festive collection Advertisement

Exclusive: First look at Sanjay Garg’s festive collection

Expect intricate motifs and exquisite weaves

By Hasina Khatib  August 19th, 2016

Sanjay Garg’s new collection is here to give our festive wardrobe a much-needed update. His new line (full of mashru silks, Benarasi brocades and organza) is a nod to classics. “I’ve been collecting textiles that are easily 100 years old, and I have always wondered how to repurpose this for the new generation,” says Garg. As always, it features exquisite motifs – chandbootis, Persian anars, ashrafis. And some highly “engineered” pieces, featuring elaborate motifs woven on the loom, that simply can’t be altered. (Garg recommends reducing the size of the motifs instead.) Garg also reimagines Krishna’s maharasa for a lehenga. “Our interpretation of him and his gopis is made with woven parrots and a floral trellises,” he adds. 

Flip through the gallery above for a preview!

PS: Remember when Sanjay Garg paired South Indian temple designs with Benarasi fabrics for the Three Shuttles collection?