Exclusive: Manish Malhotra gears up for couture week Advertisement

Exclusive: Manish Malhotra gears up for couture week

Here's what to expect from the designer at the AICW2015 finale

By ELLE team  July 31st, 2015

Manish Malhotra will close Amazon India Couture Week this Sunday with ‘The Empress Story’, with work that proves, once again, why he’s such a hit with the brides. As these photos from the fittings show, the meticulous handiwork includes imagery of brightly-hued and long-tailed birds on deep forest green silk, alongside pieces in opulently detailed gold. Malhotra told us, “The collection will feature textured fabrics, voluminous gown-like silhouettes, trails of exquisite silk and intricate embroidery, which will bring to life the grandeur of an era gone by.” Malhotra won’t deviate from his love of colours, either:  “The palette ranges from metallic silver and antique gold to rich burgundy, rose pinks, grey and brown coupled with three-dimensional embroidery in an ode to the modern woman.”

Flip through the gallery for a glimpse of the collection

Phptographs: Instgram.com/ManishMalhotra05

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