Exclusive: The brains behind the Moschino (TV) H&M collab on what to expect from the collection Advertisement

Exclusive: The brains behind the Moschino (TV) H&M collab on what to expect from the collection

The collection hits stores on 8 November

By ELLE team  October 31st, 2018

In an exclusive interview, Jeremy Scott, creative director at Moschino and Ann-Sophie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M, tell us about the new Moschino (TV) H&M collaboration between the two brands. 

When seeking inspiration for your collections, what is that one thing you always look back to and why? If you had a chance to go back to any decade, which one would you like to live in?

Jeremy Scott (JS): When I’m designing at Moschino, everything I do is with the Moschino filter. It’s very clear to me when something is right for Moschino, and what works for my own line. It’s so much fun to design for Moschino, because I feel like it’s 100% me and 100% Moschino at the same time. I wouldn’t want to live in any other decade, I love this time so much.

You recently completed 20 years in the industry. Who has been your biggest mentor in all these years and the best advice you’ve gotten from them? Who do you consider as your muse and why?

JS: My biggest muse is Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele. She is a fashion legend and it is my honour to have her as my stylist. Carlyne has so much energy and passion; she says it exactly like it is and she gives me so much inspiration every second I’m in her presence. She’s my mentor and my muse at the same time.


What is your creative process like?

JS: Usually with me, I have a flash and know exactly where it’s got to go. So I knew when I started thinking about Moschino [tv] H&M, I wanted it to be street, street, street. I wanted an urban attitude, high mixed with low, mixing in some bling and pop culture, some real Italian glamour, but always everything with a sense of humour.

What materials/pop culture icons do you plan to explore with this line?

JS: I am the king of pop culture so there was always going to be some pop in Moschino [tv] H&M. I love a logo mash-up and the branding made me think of mashing up MTV and Moschino. When I was a kid, MTV was my window to the world — it’s where I saw fashion and music blending. The iconography of MTV is seared into my brain. Then, I wanted some cartoon couture, and Disney is pure pop culture iconography. Being able to mix Disney characters with the Moschino logo took things to the next level.

Radhika Nai

Is this collaboration a reflection on fashion inclusivity?

JS: My collections have always been about inclusivity from the very beginning. I believe that fashion is democratic, and it is for everyone around the world. I love the idea of having more of my fans wear my clothes and my designs. The wonderful thing about this collaboration is the ability to take my voice and make it accessible to so many people around the world without having to dial down my designs. It’s such a rare treat and I’m so excited for the collection to hit the stores.

Why did you choose Moschino for the 2018 H&M collaboration?

Ann-Sophie Johansson (ASJ): We’re so excited to be collaborating with Moschino as our next H&M guest designer. They’ve been on our radar for some time, and there’s something about Moschino that feels so right for now. We love to give our customers something completely different with each collaboration, and after the beauty of Erdem, we now need this boldness, fun and glamour.

How far in advance do you work with these collaborations? Have you locked in the next one already?

ASJ: We always have many different conversations happening at the same time with different designers and brands. Many of them can continue for years until we find the right time to work together. Then sometimes it’s an immediate decision and we work together straight away. With everything about our collaborations, each one is unique to the brand that we’re working with. 


Any favourites from the collection?

ASJ: One of my absolute favourite pieces is the pink fake fur coat with the gold chain punctured through it. It’s the sort of piece that you can throw over something really simple and totally transform your look. The bomber jacket with the charms and leopard print is such a versatile piece, and I also love the MTV Moschino hoodie — it’ll be so fun to wear.

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