Exclusive: Ranveer Singh is the new face of adidas Originals Advertisement

Exclusive: Ranveer Singh is the new face of adidas Originals

...and he talks to us about his new role for the first time!

By ELLE team  September 28th, 2015

In case you hadn’t noticed, or have been living under a giant rock, Ranveer Singh has really come into his own. He’s practically invented his own crazy brand of cool. Which is why we were excited to hear that the actor is the new face of adidas Originals – and joins Pharell, Rita Ora and the like. “adidas Originals has been an integral part of my life since my childhood. I remember being besotted by my fathers uber-cool, blue coloured low-top adidas Originals lace ups as a little kid,” Singh says. “I couldn’t wait for my feet to grow into them so he could pass them on to me.” Isn’t that sweet?  

Then in college he met his new crush: “I discovered adidas Superstar II’s and it was love at first sight. Superstar II’s have been a marquee constant in my wardrobe ever since. I literally wear adidas Originals every day of my life. Whether its meetings, rehearsals, travel, gym or even partying I am always rocking the Originals. People from the fashion fraternity often ask me why I am so obsessed with it. It’s so close to my own personal style – distinctive, unique and stands-out naturally! It’s a matter of immense pride for me to be the face of adidas Originals in India – a truly global brand whose style heritage and legacy of cool shines above all. I am totally, totally stoked to be representing adidas Originals and committed to doing some next level stuff with the association!”