6 eye masks to help you catch up on beauty sleep

Bags belong on your arm, not under your eyes. It’s this universal truth that jet-setters like Priyanka Chopra understand well, which i why the international movie star never steps foot on First Class without her trusty sleep mask. Whether she’s waking up in Mumbai or Miami, Priyanka ensures nothing comes in the way of her beauty sleep.

Why sleep matters

No matter what miracle potion you’re packing in your beauty kit, nothing will substitute a good night’s rest in the long run. Those 8 hours of shut-eye give your body a chance to heal and repair itself, while also replenishing energy lost during the day. It also boosts memory and lowers the risk of heart disease. Lack of sleep won’t just impact your skin, it will affect your mood, decision-making skills and overall health.

So slip on your comfiest pyjamas, grab your eye mask, and gift yourself the best beauty sleep of your life.

Check out selection of the best sleep masks in the gallery (above)           

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