3 eyebrow products for the perfect arch of your dreams

There was a time when a weekly threading appointment at the salon meant that you could pretty much forget about your brows for the remaining six days. But the world of make-up now has a juicy roster of gels, waxes and pomades that even Deepika Padukone is powerless to resist. If you’ve been looking to steal her finely stencilled arches, but don’t know what works for your face type, allow us to play Good Samaritan.

Eyebrow products for every problem

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Then & now: Bollywood’s best eyebrow transformations

Bollywood celebrities who’ve accepted that thin is no longer in. For their eyebrows, at least. Allow Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and more to demonstrate the transformative power of well-groomed eyebrows.

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