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The fabulous life of Bollywood’s BFFs

The perks of being a best the hall of fame

By ELLE team  August 2nd, 2017

Do we really need to sell you on the perks of being a celebrity? Reservations in the fanciest restaurants, private jets, casually hanging out with other insanely talented famous people. The endless supply of free stuff that people would pay money for. In fact, you get paid to wear the stuff people would pay money for.

The only thing better than being a celebrity is being a celebrity best friend, a job description that comes with all the perks and none of the paparazzi. Not to mention you don’t have to slave for it: these are perks by association. If you snag a celebrity best friend, you best believe that it’s for life.

Alia Bhatt and Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor

They work out together. They holiday together. They take selfies together. Basically everything you do with your best friend, but in the realm of the rich and famous. Which means they can be spotted in the first class lounge jetting off to London or Spain or wherever they’re taking their annual platonic honeymoon to that year. Ranjan comes from a Bollywood background too -- her father Shashi is an actor -- but that doesn’t guarantee you a seat, front row, next to Alia Bhatt at movie premiers and fashion shows. Not to mention every time Alia uploads a picture, you're guaranteed a sweet set of followers.

Ananya Birla and entourage

Ananya’s first song 'Living The Life' could also double as her visual biography. Globetrotting from one exotic location to the next isn’t nearly as much fun without your friends. So you can bet when Ananya takes the jet out for a spin, her crew hops on for a ride. How else would you explain everyone flying private to the same destination?

Priyanka Chopra and Mubina Rattonsey

Aside from bragging rights, being Priyanka Chopra’s best friend has a few perks. Like getting to hang out with Priyanka’s other famous friends. Mubina is a filmmaker with front row seats to the life of one of the world’s most famous faces, usually acting as plus one to some of Hollywood's hottest red carpet events and after-parties. She’s also been at the receiving end of a full frontal view of Zac Efron running shirtless on the sets of Baywatch. What’s your bestie done for you lately?

Sonam Kapoor and Shehla Khan

Having a best friend who happens to double as a celebrity fashion icon can only help you out when you’re a fashion designer. When that friend is Sonam Kapoor, a bonafide authority on fashion, the label pretty much launches itself. And as Bollywood’s most stylish, playing muse has to translate into the rest of the industry falling in line.

Sonakshi Sinha and Sakshi Mehra

If you're planning on being a stylist, celebrity is the way to go. Playing dress up with your BFF as kids has potential to make you a lot of money in the future. Just pray that she grows up to be famous and you get to tag along for the ride. If you happen to move away, stay in touch like Sonakshi and Sakshi because you best bet when she comes to visit, she's flying private and Salman Khan might be involved.