3 face mask hacks to give you clean, glowing skin

Summer is in full swing, which means we’re all dealing with an oily T-zone, open pores, dull skin and unwanted bouts of acne. To fight the effects that toxins and pollution have on your skin, there’s no better ingredient in a face mask than activated charcoal. Its purifying properties are legendary; “The small particles size enables it to go deep within your pores and suck off impurities upto 200 times its weight, to leave you with glowing skin,” says London-based celebrity facialist, Vanda Serrador.

But little did you know that too much of this powerful skincare staple can be extremely harsh on certain types of skin .“While charcoal is god-sent for oily skin types, it can prove to be very drying and can even aggravate skin sensitivity,” she adds. Though you can limit use of the face mask to once a week, Serrador has some pro tips to make the most of Google’s buzziest skincare of 2018 for your skin type:

For Dry Skin:

“If you’re facing severe dullness, scoop out 2 spoons of your charcoal mask into a bowl and dilute it with a spoon of water. This reduces the power of the mask so it doesn’t dry your skin, and cuts drying time in half for fuss-free removal. No more irritations or dry patches!”

For Oily Skin:

“Fill your bowl or sink with hot water and pop on a thick layer of the mask. Put a towel over your head and take a facial steam, like you do during a clean-up. This softens the charcoal and allows it to go deeper into the pores for a thorough cleanse- it’s great for days when commuting through a polluted city”

For Acne-prone skin:

“In summer, sweat levels are at an all-time high, which means higher chances of acne. Though it’s called a face mask, you can use make it work double duty to treat irritations and heat boils on your body as well. Use a masking brush and apply an even layer on your back and arms and leave it on for 40 minutes for clearer skin.”

Our favourite charcoal face masks:

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