FACESCANADA’s best-selling make-up range will solve your every beauty woe

Want to take your beauty game to the next level but unsure how to go about it? FACESCANADA’s range of easy-to-use cosmetic products are here to the rescue, saving you the trouble of watching endless ‘how to do a smokey eye’ beauty tutorials on YouTube (we’ve all been there). Make-up lovers and skeptics alike will find it hard to resist ordering a bunch of its beauty goodies, which are sure to sort out your look for every occasion. Be it Sunday brunches, glam night-outs with your girl-gang or the festive season, FACESCANADA’s myriad range will help you achieve every beauty look in the book.

Trust us when we say that its best-sellers will find their way into your makeup bag real quick. Read ahead as we decode the various looks you can achieve #ForAllYourFaces, with the brand’s multi-faceted beauty range.

A mascara that will make you ditch false eye-lashes

Let’s face it, putting on false eye-lashes is that part of a make-up routine which we all dread. FACESCANADA’S Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara will uplift your lashes to give that glamorous volume, so you can get rid of those falsies altogether. Also say goodbye to lash clumps and black streaks down your cheeks. Its excellent colour pay-off will bring the sensational drama your eyes deserve.

A foundation that actually stays put by the end of your commute

We all dream of finding that perfect foundation shade which gives a luminous glow while actually matching our skin tone. In reality, our face is left with a strange yellow undertone or patchy un-blendable lines. FACESCANADA’S Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation will help avoid such disasters with its incredible coverage yet lightweight formula. Infused with anti-ageing serum, this product gives a radiant finish to your base make-up. The best part? You can build up the product to suit your coverage preferences; this foundation will see you through weddings, night-outs and daily routines alike.

An eye-shadow palette you won’t have to break the bank for

Imagine this: an eye-shadow palette that has rich pigmented shades, flattering hues AND doesn’t require you to spend your entire life-savings on it. We aren’t exaggerating — FACESCANADA’s Magneteyes eyeshadow palette from is the cult product you need to get your hands on ASAP. From ravishing rose-gold to subtle brown shades, this palette can be alternated to opt for an everyday natural look for work or a dramatic smokey eye to rock during your #vacay. It is the secret weapon to creating or recreating those seemingly impossible eye looks you double tap on Instagram. Moreover, its sleek purse-friendly design means it can easily translate into a travel essential. Double win.

A blush that gives you the glow you wanted despite not staying hydrated

Dehydrated, puffy eyes and tired-looking skin. Sounds familiar? This is the state we often find ourselves in, after a happening weekend (come on, admit it). FACESCANADA’s Ultime Pro Hd Lights.camera.blush will transform your look from drab to fab, giving your face a natural flush. Take your pick from peachy or pink shades, and you can start the week looking like you had all the beauty sleep in the world.

A matte lipstick that doesn’t leave you with chapped lips

All matte-lipstick lovers will relate to this night routine: desperately trying to remove your lipstick which refuses to come off. This leaves us with the inevitable dry and flaky lips, which is far from ideal. The new product on the block— FACESCANADA’S Ultime Pro Hd Intense Matte Lips (comes infused with primer), is here to change that. The wide assortment of shades available are designed to make you look fabulous, be it a boardroom meeting or a ballroom event. Sip that milkshake and eat that burger because rest assured, this product will last longer than your expectations.

An eyeliner you can definitely do the winged look with

Give us a math equation to solve, and we’d rather attempt to do that in one go as opposed to the tricky winged eye-liner look. Resulting in a disaster more often than not, even the best of beauty gurus take their time to do a perfect cat eye. FACESCANADA’S Magneteyes Eyeliner has an ultrafine applicator, so you swiftly do a winged eyeliner even in your sleep. Whether it’s a dramatic affair like date night or a laid-back plan such as a family dinner, this versatile product will be your holy grail through thick and thin (pun intended).

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