Facial fillers: How they work, how long they last and what they’re capable of

If you, like us, had a few questions regarding lip fillers after seeing Kylie Jenner’s transformation, celebrity dermatologist (and our Skin Expert 2017 award winner) Dr Kiran Lohia is here to answer them. First things first, the good doctor explains that fillers are made from sugar molecules that are identical to those found naturally in the skin. When injected, they can add volume and — if done correctly — can even give you a little lift. The procedure is reversible but much like a haircut, it’s always better to know what you want in advance. Since fillers are not surgical, it also helps to know what your natural limitations are. Lip fillers can be used to naturally boost your lips without changing the shape. If you’re just curious as to what all the fuss is about, Dr Lohia lays it out for you.

If I don’t like them, can it be reversed?

If you don’t like the effects of the fillers, they can be dissolved at any point. So you can keep it for 6 months and then dissolve it later, depending on your preference. The results aren’t permanent and will eventually wear off. 

How long do fillers typically last?

Depending upon which filler you use, it can last anywhere from one to two years. Some fillers last a shorter amount of time, especially depending on the area you’re injecting. Lip fillers last for a shorter duration we use that region the most, so you’re typically looking at a year. Under-eye fillers can last anywhere from one to three years. 

Can fillers take care of rolling acne scars?

Fillers can help reduce your rolling and boxcar scars by up to about 90 per cent, depending on your skin texture. These are the scars that leave shallow indents in your skin, they do not, however, work on ice pick scars, for which lasers are preferred. Dr Lohia recommends a combination of laser and fillers to help solve the problem of acne scars. 

How often do you need to get the procedure done?

It is entirely dependent on you. If the effects start to wear off after a year and you wish to get them done again, you may re-do the procedure. “It’s not that your skin will get worse or everything will get worse. If you don’t like it, don’t do it again. Your skin will go back to what it was before, simple and easy,” says Dr Lohia. 

Can you make it look natural?

Dr Lohia stresses upon the fact that the desired results of the procedure are entirely up to you. If all you’re looking for is a slight boost, then that is possible. It’s all about managing your expectations. The procedure can only highlight or accentuate your current facial structure, not change it completely. “You can’t go in come expecting to look like Katrina Kaif when you look like Alia Bhatt, but say you look like Alia and you have a similar face and you want a bit of a lip boost, that’s easy. Do a little bit, then add more and you’ll slowly be able to curate your look.”

How much does it cost?

Depending on what filler you use, it could go up from Rs 26,000 for a lighter filler to 34,000 for something heavier.

Where on your body can you get it done?

“I literally do it for the nose all the time, you can improve the hump of the nose, the bump to even it out or make it look narrower. You can lift the tip of your nose. You can use it on your cheeks to give you a nice cheekbone. It also works in the hollows of your face,” says Dr Lohia. Fillers are also used to shape your chin and jawline to make it stronger or tighten it, and can also be used on your forehead to lengthen it or smooth the lines. Some people even get fillers on the heel of their foot to help when they are wearing stilettos. 

How long does it take for fillers to show?

While the results are immediate, the full effect takes roughly one to two weeks to show.

Are there any precautions?

The first couple of weeks after you’ve injected fillers can be stressful because there might be some minor swelling, lumps or bruises as with any injections. So give yourself a 7-10 day gap before any events. 

Does it make your skin tighter?

Getting your skin injected at certain points creates vectors to help lift your skin and make it look tighter. 

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