How often should you get a facial?

When it comes to taking an indulgent city break, a spa facial ranks right on top of our list. It only takes an hour for skin to be sloughed, steamed and massaged with luxurious creams to give you that weekend-at-the-beach glow. Plus, you go home with lower stress levels and nuggets of skincare advice from the aesthetician. But how often have you been left with niggling questions? We sought some expert advice from Myrah Spa’s founder, Nisha Javeri.

I feel naked if I’m not wearing foundation. How soon can I put  it on after a facial?

“Since the procedure ends with a finish product [like sunscreen], you can wear make-up right on top. You don’t have to worry about reducing the post-facial glow since that is a result of the massage techniques that bring more oxygen to the surface.”

I’ve heard a toner can dry out skin. Can I ask my therapist to skip it?

“A lot of toners come with hyaluronic acid now, which instantly hydrates your face after cleansing. They aren’t used to close pores (because they never open), but to remove residual cleanser and make sure skin absorbs serum better.”

If it says natural, it’s safe, right?

“Even though we use natural products, exfoliants can be a little harsh on your skin, especially if you’ve recently done a heavy peel or laser treatment. It’s best to discuss your medical history and allergies with the aesthetician before you finalise on a treatment.”


I can still see fine lines after an anti-ageing facial. Why?

“If your skin has already lost elasticity, nothing can bring it back to shape besides cosmetic surgery. While firming facials use active ingredients and massages, they show results only over a period of time. It’s best to start early and schedule collagen-boosting facials once you’re 25.”

Why does my face look dull within a week?

“We can do a deep-cleanse and exfoliation with the best products, but the results won’t last if you don’t follow a basic post-treatment routine. You must use a hydrating moisturiser twice a day and anti-ageing creams for more mature skin.”

 I’m a facial loyalist, but how often is too often?

“The average skin cell cycle is 20-25 days, so you should schedule one for every cycle. The dead cells need to be exfoliated before they build up, block pores and make your skin dull.”

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