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The beginner’s guide to wearing false lashes

Your fight with falsies ends here

By Trisha Chawla  April 5th, 2017

For when your basic mascara doesn’t make the cut, false lashes will be the unsung hero of your beauty arsenal. Though there’s no rebuttal for glamour that a pair of these beauties are capable of adding to your look, they’re feared by even the most skilled hands in beauty (for a good reason) and getting the task done right should come with its own medal of honour. Here’s your cheat sheet to mastering falsies.

One size doesn’t fit all

Not all lashes fit straight out of the package, which means you’ve got to trim the band to fit your lash line. You might have to even cut off some length to avoid it touching your eyebrows.

Trial and error 

Finding the balance between comfort and the right style doesn’t come easy. Try on a few pairs from different brands and ranges to close in on a favourite.

Sticky waters 

Getting acquainted with the right lash glue is half the battle won. Choose between liquid, latex and cream finishes based on your ingredient preference. The thicker and drier the adhesive, the faster it sticks and prevents those loose ends from straying.

All about the technique

Tweezers make for an easy applicator. Start by holding down the falsies at the centre of your natural lash line and moving towards the edges. Coating your natural lashes with mascara is inevitable.

Getting them off 

A cotton pad dipped in oil-free make up remover is your best weapon for false eyelash removal. Shun the urge to pluck them off, because you might be parting with some natural hairs too.