How to look amazing in your 40s, according to Farah Ali Khan

You’d think crossing the 40 milestone gives you an excuse to slack off on your fitness regimen, but Bollywood’s celebrated jewellery designer, Farah Khan Ali, is here to contradict popular belief. As I sit at my desk in a cushioned chair, she chats with me about the importance of being active and how she gets that enviable beach body.

The enterprising mother of two knows no other way than fit- she’d willingly trade in a shopping spree for a sweaty trek in the Amazonian rainforest. At 47 years of age, she radiates a natural glow that can only be credited to hours of workouts and healthy eating habits. If you don’t believe me, join her 230k strong Instagram following for pictorial proof before you read this.

ELLE: What’s the best way to kick start your day?

Farah: A cup of tea and a session of Pilates

ELLE: Pilates seem to be the latest fad, how has it benefitted you?

Farah: It’s important to feel good and Pilates puts me in a better mood. It releases endorphins and helps me grow stronger, without any pain. You’re using your mind more than your body since it requires so much muscle coordination. It’s important to look after your body when you’re growing old so I plug in a session at least thrice a week.

ELLE: The one workout you’d never give up on is…

Farah: I’d never give up on walking. I’m a very active person so I move around a lot — even getting up to fill a glass of water for yourself counts.

ELLE: Have you followed any diet or fitness fad?

Farah: Fitness isn’t just fitting into a pair of jeans, it’s a way of life. There’s no diet that has helped me get here. I’ve been swimming about 100 laps a day since I was younger, horse-riding and trekking- just being on the move constantly is important.

ELLE: You seem to be quite the beach bum — what are the three things you’d never go to a beach without?

Farah: A sunblock, a bikini and my phone to click some Instagram pictures. Some music would be great as well.

ELLE: The one food item you should cut down if you want a fit body

Farah: Avoid carbs late at night; I finish up all my carb heavy meals before 6 pm.

ELLE: Your favourite travel destination is..

Farah: No cities please! Anywhere adventurous with a lot of activities where I don’t have to meet people. I love Italy and Brazil. I recently took a trip there to trek in the Amazonian forests.

ELLE: The one snack you love munching on between meals

Farah: Chocolate! It’s my vice and I’m going to grab some now that you reminded me.

Baffled by her answer as much as I was? “Well, there’s no harm in a little treat when you stay on your toes all day,” says Farah.

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