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Which fashion capital best summarises your personal style?

Are you a luxury-bred Londoner or a dressed-down Mumbaikar?

By Shweta Gandhi  December 5th, 2017

From Paris to Milan, each global fashion capital is as effervescent in its style as it is in its culture, with a certain distinction setting them apart — whether it is London’s predilection for tailored looks or New York’s effortlessly chic vibe, each city has its own aesthetic sense over the years that have been shaped by social, economic and geographic factors. Take, for instance, Milan which was hugely influenced by Parisian trends back in the 19th century, but soon found its own sartorial calling in quality fabrics and prêt-à-porter clothing. Meanwhile, Tokyo has always been a conformist in their dressing sensibilities, but has also seen spells of crazy and colourful styles becoming popular (remember when pink hair dye became a trend?).

So, which fashion capital resonates the most with your personal style? Explore our list of top 8 stylish cities and leave a comment below to tell us which one fits the bill for you.

New York

Multi-cultural and always on the move, the Big Apple is a collision of classic charm, athleisure, androgyny and modern simplicity. An average New Yorker can pull together a drop-dead gorgeous ensemble perfect for an evening party with minimum fuss— stowed below the desk in her corner office will be her statement shoes of the season -- Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik or a high-street steal from H&M -- which pair perfectly with her classic bag from Michael Kors or Coach. Like their owner, the shoes need to be prepared for anything New York throws at them, from bar hopping in Manhattan to catching the subway to Brooklyn for an underground dance party. Black, grey and navy are the ruling colours, and an 'it' bag is almost next to necessary. If you're someone who takes after New York's style, confidence is your second nature, and you're likely to be well-groomed at all times (you probably have your next mani-pedi session lined up this coming week).

Picture courtesy: @newyork and @gigihadid


Always stylish but never perfectly put-together — Parisian women are known for their innate sense of fashion, discerning eye and proportion play. The average Parisian prefers neutral palettes over darker shades; never met a Breton striped T-shirt she didn't love; considers the trench coat the most versatile item in her wardrobe; knows her preferred shade of red lipstick and has one stashed in every bag; invested in a menswear-inspired tuxedo before her first mutual fund; owns 20 pairs of shoes but wears only three of them, all stilettos. Do you often find yourself saying no to trends? Have you, over the years, developed a signature look that your close friends can spot from a distance? Then you might be a Parisian at heart.

Picture courtesy: @eiffelparis and @chanelofficial 


It may be one of the world's oldest cities, but London is nothing if not young at heart. From the runway to the street, you'll see an explosion of upcoming designers, bold statement pieces and experimental styling. Whether it's mixing contemporary designer wear with vintage finds, playing with eclectic prints or investing in emerging designers that offer made-to-measure looks, a typical Londoner is not afraid to experiment (as long as the weather is bearable). And if they're not in the mood to experiment, their ensemble usually reflects the colour of the skies — jet black. Sounds like you? Then you take after London's style.

Picture courtesy: @london and @katemiddleton


Like every sensorial experience in The Maximum City, its fashion choices can be rather extremist. Since the muggy weather and perennially crowded streets don't allow for layering or lavish morning rituals, the average Mumbaikar is typically dressed down -- preferring skinny jeans over fussy dresses, bohemian flats over impractical heels and nothing more than eyeliner and lipstick on an average day. On the other hand, the city is also home to Bollywood, whose resident stars heavily influence its style. These A-listers are constantly emulated by their fans. Whether it's Kareena Kapoor Khan's Ashish N Soni LBD or Alia Bhatt's Manish Malhotra sari, you will soon find similar-looking ensembles doing the rounds. If your style statement matches that of your favourite celebrity, then you're a pure Mumbaikar.

Picture courtesy: @towering_goals and @therealkareenakapoor


Italy's biggest sartorial hub, Milan, has a long established history in fashion, textiles and design. Though the city was influenced by Parisian fashion trends in the late 19th century, it soon developed its own style that incorporated sobriety and simplicity while focussing on quality fabric. In the late 20th century, the image of Milan shifted to that of a glamorous city housing innumerable prêt-à-porter boutiques that sold practical and elegant ensembles. If you're influenced by Milanese fashion, you will have a rulebook of fixed sartorial styles that you abide by — fit, colour (switching between black, blue, brown and white) and fabric mean the most to you. You believe in shopping for quality clothes that last longer, and pay close attention to how your clothes fit.

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Germany's most fashionable city has a face, and it's Berlin. If you're a Berliner, you love the absence of colour — black is your best friend — and heels are a synonym for sneakers. You don't believe in showing off brands and labels — no matter how expensive your cardigan is — and backpacks are your go-to pick. Oh, and going braless is completely acceptable. 

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Depending on which neighbourhood you wander into, Japan's fashion capital of Tokyo can be a staunch believer in conformity or recklessly individualistic. Elegantly tailored skirt suits, expensive haircuts and sensible heels dominate Ginza and Shinjuku, while the famed streets of Harajuku come alive with real-life Manga dolls and their colourful hairdos. One commonality? Attention to detail is everything, and even a seemingly riotous ensemble will be carefully curated and executed. Do you spend time referencing your style and then lovingly putting together your look for the day? Then you are a Tokyoite.

Picture courtesy: @tokyo and @nataliyakalchevaphotography

Los Angeles

If you're an LA woman, your style is equal parts boho and chic, with comfort written all over it. You probably have highlights in your hair, love layering rose gold neckpieces, own a statement pair of sunglasses and a hat, have a designer handbag, suede boots, and relish the thought of going to the gym (in your expensive workout gear, of course). The West Coast woman is downright elegant whether she's in a bralette at the beach, in a maxi dress or in oversized sweaters. Matches your aesthetic? Then you take after California's laid-back style.   

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