How models deal with deep necklines, slippery heels and other fashion emergencies Advertisement

How models deal with deep necklines, slippery heels and other fashion emergencies

Explains why they always look so graceful

By Hasina Khatib  February 9th, 2017

So you thought that modelling was all about getting paid to pose in pretty things? Factor in split-second garment changes, back-to-back shows and convoluted outfits, and you know that any peace of mind is toast. We caught up with some of the busiest names on the Lakmé Fashion Week roster to tell us the worst fashion emergencies they’ve faced. And the life hacks they’ve devised to save their skin. 

Fashion emergencies and how to avoid them

Aishwarya Sheoran

And just when we thought we’d seen everything, model Aishwarya Sheoran jumped in with another unique hack to contribute: spritz hair spray on your heels after slipping your feet into them. This makes the shoe material cling better to your feet and accordingly, mould the shoe to the shape of your foot. 

Kanishtha Dhankar

You know how you wear a plunging V-neck and expect it to stay put? Frequent ELLE covergirl Kanishtha Dhankar thought so too, right up until five seconds before she had to walk the runway. “With deep necks, the waist is secure, but the neck is loose. Which means that when you walk, it shifts from left to right and exposes pretty much everything on top,” shudders Kanishtha. With a handful of seconds before her cue to hit the ramp, she quickly pinned her bra underneath the dress and tucked the strap under the armhole. Her biggest life hack though? “Walking with enough confidence and poise to convince people that there’s nothing wrong,” she laughs.

Alesia Raut

You’ll probably find true love sooner than you’ll find high heels that are comfortable to walk in. Not one to be deterred, model Alesia Raut relies heavily on double-sided tape to make up for the size inadequacies. “Tape the arch of your foot to the sole of the heels, and you won’t have to worry about unsightly slips while walking,” promises Alesia. 

Extra-low necklines aren't Kanishtha’s only brush with uncooperative outfits. “Long lehengas may look beautiful, but walking in them? Not so much.” The only thing that allows her to walk the stretch of the runway without stumbling is to take the lehenga an inch higher and to tuck it on the side with a safety pin. Since high-waisted skirts never go out of fashion, you’ll be golden. 

Once you are done stumbling around in oversized shoes, there’s the little matter of heels skidding on the polished runway to deal with. “Since most of the shoes we wear are brand new, the smooth soles happily skid on the ramp,” rues Alseia. Her workaround? “We step in a plate of coke just before going onstage. The sugary liquid makes the soles sticky and provides a better grip while walking at a fast pace,” reveals Alesia.