A Stella McCartney dress made out of plastic bottles? Yes, please

Our planet is in a deep ecological crisis. We’re well on our way to exhausting all our natural resources and, despite ominous warnings from environmentalists, show no sign of stopping.

One of the supervillains in the fight against planet destruction is plastic. The man-made material has wrought havoc on our environment for years. We produce nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic every year, out of which 8 million are dumped into the ocean. According to Plasticoceans.org, 1 in 3 species of marine mammals have been found entangled in plastic litter. The ratio of plastic to plankton in the Mediterranean Sea alone is 1:2.

Creative activism, like sustainable fashion, is not only a damage control practice, but also an effective way to raise awareness about the irreversible destruction we’ve caused. Major fashion labels like Stella McCartney and adidas have taken to partnering with organisations like Parley for the Oceans, that actively seek to eliminate plastic waste from our oceans.

These brands are turning plastic into high fashion

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