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9 styling tricks to make you look slimmer

Make your clothes work for you

By Shweta Gandhi  August 9th, 2017

Exercising regularly and eating healthy are the obvious—and challenging—ways of maintaining that svelte figure. But even the most dedicated gym bunnies among us will admit to having body parts we’d rather not play up, like a genetic predisposition to thicker ankles that no amount of running on a treadmill will resolve. Instead of avoiding leg-baring skirts all together, being mindful of how to dress for your body type and play to your strengths will help you look and feel confident.

Forget age-old techniques like donning all-black—we’re here to encourage you to experiment with colours, prints and silhouettes that flatter you. Read on:

9 tricks that will make you appear slimmer

Play with patterns

Prints can get tricky, which is why you have to choose them wisely. Bold, colourful  prints in strategic places tend to distract the eye and draw attention away from the areas you'd rather not draw attention to. On the other hand, small prints (think: cutesy florals) overall create the illusion of making you appear smaller. Wearing clothes with vertical stripes is another easy way of giving your body a longer and leaner look.

Choose the correct colours

It's not rocket science— dark hues are the simplest way to flatter your figure. But don’t underestimate the power of other strong shades. Red, for instance, is a saturated shade that soaks up the light and exudes confidence. Use dark hues to your advantage by wearing them to slim out your trouble spots, and play with bright colours to draw attention to whichever body part you'd like to highlight. Matching your separates and opting for a monochromatic look is another trick that creates an uninterrupted vertical line, making you look thinner and taller. Tip to remember: ensure your blouse or T-shirt meets your trousers just below the waist.

Necklines have a role, too

Another crucial element to focus on is the neckline of your garment. Vertical necklines like a deep V-neck give the illusion of elongating and narrowing your torso, while also visually balancing broad hips and thighs. Be careful with horizontal necklines like crew necks and boat necks as they make your shoulders and bust look wider.

Find fabrics that work

It’s as simple as this—the thinner the fabric, the less bulky you look. Fabrics like fine cotton, silk, stretch denim, jersey, cashmere and spandex help give a shape to your body as opposed to corduroy, crushed velvet, metallic, leather, suede, brocade, satin and flannel.

Layers are a win

Layering your outfit can serve multiple purposes. A blazer takes focus away from thicker arms, while the narrow lapels counteract a heavy bust. Wearing an hip-length jacket with tailored lines over a plain T-shirt and jeans gives a slimming effect. Wearing a long-line shrug camouflages heavy thighs. Tip to remember: always layer darker colours over lighter ones for a balanced look.

Hello, heels

We all know heels elongate your body and make your legs appear longer, but there’s a trick to choosing the right pair for you. Booties cut the leg off at an awkward spot, make you seem shorter and stumpier. On the other hand, scoop-front pumps and pointed-toe heels make them appear longer. If you have thick calves and wide ankles, opt for thicker heels to balance out the volume instead of skinny stilettos. What you most definitely need, though, are heels that match your skin tone. Wearing them with a knee-length or a mid-thigh skirt will give the illusion of really long legs.

The It-Bag

The bag you carry also has a say in this matter. Don’t pick a purse that’s too small for your figure or a tote that’s too large. The rule of thumb is to have a medium-size structured bag that gives a balanced, streamlined appearance.

The right pair of jeans

If you’re bottom heavy, then a boot cut, a straight leg and slightly flared pants are a must-have in your wardrobe as they pull the eyes down and away, creating an overall leaner look. If you want to bring attention to your hips and thighs, opt for skinny jeans and tapered trousers.