Stay #woke with these 9 updates to your fashion slang dictionary Advertisement

Stay #woke with these 9 updates to your fashion slang dictionary

Because ‘chic’ is soo last season

By Simone Dhondy  August 1st, 2017

If you’ve thirsted after a pair of shoes, unfollowed Sonam Kapoor on Instagram because you hated what she wore and then followed her again because she redeemed herself, you’ve probably got one Dior Tribales-studded ear to the runway. But as any true fashion revolutionary knows, nothing is more important than staying relevant. While you may be dressing your generation, unless you’re in possession of this season’s bucket bag from Altuzzara, it’s your mouth that’s going to have to do the talking.

Avoid the exposed cold-shoulder treatment from fashion’s elite by ensuring your slang dictionary is runway relevant.

Fashion slang to know:


What it means: To absolutely dominate. When you literally look so good it kills your ex's new girlfriend and all her friends stalking you on Instagram. RIP.

How to use it: "Jacqueline’s body would slay in a potato sack."

Always use when: referring to Beyonce.



What it means:A lewk is a curated outfit, following a theme, your mood or the occasion.

How to use it: #Lewk (and say no more because your outfit is speaking now)

On fleek 

What it means: Hair done, nails done, everything did. When the universe aligns itself to make you look like perfection. 

What it’s replacing: On point

How to use it: "Damn, her outfit is on fleek"

Appropriate reply: "Yeah, I hate her"


What it means: When something is so exceptional, you’re actually frightened by its bold perfection. It can be used in place of sexy. Please use it in place of sexy.

How to use it: "That smoky eye is going to make you look so fierce."


What it is: Not the past tense of what happens during an earthquake. But it is an appropriate reaction to a natural disaster. When something is so unattractive or shocking, you are emotionally disturbed right down to your core.

How to use it: "I’m offended she chose to wear that. It had me shook."



What it means: When something is generally pleasing to look at. The overall positive impresssion your outfit or even Instagram picture leaves.

What it is replacing: Vibe 

How to use it: "I love it when my shoes match my bag, it just nails the aesthetic."



What it means: Outfit of the day/night.

When to use it: When you’ve created a lewk and need to hashtag it so the world can validate it with their likes on social media.

How to use it:  #OOTD / #OOTN


What it means: It’s a picture of shoes. But make sure they’re pretty.

How to use it: "I only upload shoefies in my Louboutins #redsole"