These Are The Fashion Trends We’ve Predicted For 2021

COVID-19 changed our lifestyle in 2020 and gave rise to new trends, including fashion. As we were stuck at home most of the year, comfort clothing became the major trend. Repurposing old outfits and shopping online gained momentum as shopping malls shut down. Netflix shows with great costume designs became the talk of the year, and trends emerged from there too. The end of of the year witnessed new launches and styles. And now, as we have entered 2021, we think some of these fashion trends will spill over into this year too. At the same time, as we have entered a year filled with hope, we don’t mind being on the lookout for something playful and new. Keeping all these factors in mind, here’s what we predict the 2021 fashion trends to be.

1. Face Masks

Face masks have become the necessary fashion accessory; more like a part of our body. Heading out without it isn’t an option, and the best part is, almost every clothing brand is designing it. The accessory comes in various styles for every occasion—we’re talking face masks in various prints, colours and patterns, face masks with gold chains, face masks for wedding wear and more.


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2. Athleisure

With sweatpants and joggers being our top choice in 2020, we believe athleisure will take the streets by storm. Whether you’re stepping out for grocery shopping or relaxing at home, sweatpant sets will dominate 2021 fashion too.


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3. Oversized Silhouettes 

As we got used to wearing loose clothes at home, comfort became a priority. Apart from athleisure, oversized shirts, pants, blazers, wide-leg jeans and boxy cuts seem to have a hold on the new year.


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4. Maxi Dresses 

Relaxed silhouettes like maxi dresses have been a choice of attire for virtual and intimate gatherings. We’re hoping to see this trend gain momentum this summer.


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5. Upcycling 

When shopping malls and stores shut down at the beginning of 2020, people got creative and repurposed existing clothes, which led to new styles. This brought the habit of upcycling among some and made people aware that it is possible to reinvent your wardrobe with existing silhouettes. We are anticipating upcycling to gain momentum in 2021 too.


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6. Shopping Local

With new, local labels emerging on the scene, we see people supporting and buying from small, homegrown businesses, even more, this year.

7. Shrug Sweaters 

A new trend emerged on a lot of shopping sites this year—shrug sweaters aka arm warmers. Although this new snug fit appeared in 2019, it didn’t garner that much attention. At the end of 2020, the trend resurfaced, and we certainly think it will remain in 2021. If you’re the experimental kind, this trend is for you. Layer it over a slip dress or a spaghetti top with joggers, and you’re good to go.


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8. Crochet Knits 

Cosy crochet knits in the forms of sweaters, bags, jackets and bra tops emerged in the second half of 2020, and we’re on board with the season-fluid trend in 2021 as well.


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9. Shoulder Padded Tees

Your basic t-shirt just got a fresh upgrade with shoulder pads. We have noticed this cool new style among fashion bloggers and influencers. It adds a street-chic vibe when paired with high-waisted pants and chain necklaces.


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10. Bucket Hats 

At the beginning of 2020, bucket hats were a rage, and it has only gained momentum. Now available in different fabrics and textures, bucket hats are one of our favourite accessories, and we’re including it on our must-have list.


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11. Checks and Houndstooth 

After Netflix gave us two hit shows with stylish fictional characters, Emily from Emily In Paris and Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit, we won’t be surprised if the classic black and white houndstooth coats (seen on Emily) and checked outfits (seen on Beth) become massive this year too.


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12. Bright Hues 

2020 was a year of despair and gloom, and there’s no doubt that reflected in our colour choices. However, as we have moved to a year filled with hope, it’s time to take a break from those dull greys and bring back the bright colours in our wardrobe. From monochrome co-ord sets and colourful printed outfits, let 2021 stay lit with bright shades.


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