8 beauty products that actually work in 1 week

Everyone wants glowing skin and glossy hair, especially when you’re anticipating a big event like your BFF’s wedding or that Valentine’s Day date with your boyfriend that might just turn into a proposal. But since Murphy’s Law can be a real b*tch, just when the big day is around the corner, pop comes the gruesome red pimple in the centre of your forehead, the puffy under-eye bags and the dreaded onslaught of frizz. Now, you might not have a fairy godmother to turn you into a Disney princess overnight, but you can always count on these beauty products that actually work in one week.

Cover up the mirror and give de-puffing and skin-clearing ingredients matcha, caffeine and vitamin C a tiny period of 7 days to work their magic. Mix Clinique’s Vitamin C Booster with your moisturiser to power up skin with fresh vitamin C, that’s known for its brightening properties. Or try a cute Korean foot mask that might seem like it does nothing at first, but causes all your dead skin to peel off in just 7 days (it’s super satisfying!). Then, slather on a face mask or an exfoliator at least twice a week to see the best results. Sounds like a fairytale? Try them yourself.

8 beauty products that actually work in under a week

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