#FathersDay: 9 Creative Minds Tell Us How Their Dads Have Inspired Them Advertisement

#FathersDay: 9 Creative Minds Tell Us How Their Dads Have Inspired Them

Touching stories that will melt your heart

By Isha Mayer  June 20th, 2021

Whether it’s their sense of style, the love advice they share, the sassy comebacks in arguments or the habits they inculcate in us, there’s always something to learn from our fathers. On the occasion of Father’s Day, we spoke to nine creative people who told us how their dads have inspired them and helped shape their personalities. We reckon you grab a tissue because their touching, heartfelt stories will bring you happy tears.

Urvashi Kaur, Fashion Designer
“A teacher, guide, fauji, friend and father. To be born as my dad’s daughter has been one of my life's greatest blessings, and it is his infinite teachings that have shaped me into the person I am today. I'm in awe of the way he lives every moment to its fullest, his positivity and gung-ho spirit towards just about anything! Through his unquenchable enthusiasm for adventure, he has always encouraged me to explore the path less trodden and manifest my own destiny. 'Iron fist in a velvet glove' is something you'll often hear him say, and I believe it to describe him best. Tough yet humble and compassionate, it is this seed he'd sown in me that has sprung to form the very essence of me as a person and my brand's ideologies to be ethical and conscious towards the environment and its people.”
In Photograph: Urvashi with her father General JJ Singh
Shilarna Vaze, Chef
“Considering I’ve just made up with my dad over an epic fight with my mum where he has the guts to take her side and not support me unconditionally (first time!), it’s a good time to reflect on what I’ve learnt from him. Being Leos, we’re supremely over-confident and stubborn. However, I realised that if you are intellectually confident, you can always be guided by your unique self and totally disregard conventional modes of operating in this world. He is totally at ease with himself and others. He has changed professions multiple times from Marathi playwright to IIM(A) economist to producing TV shows to writing computer software to now professor and dean and PhD at NMIMS, Mumbai. The sheer courage of his conviction to do what he wants to do inspires me every day! From the time I was born till today, he always made me feel that it’s so much better to be a girl in this world and that I can do anything I want.”
In Photograph: Shilarna with her father, Achyut Vaze
Diipa Büller-Khosla, Founder, Post For Change  
"As my dad was in the Army, his regimented upbringing led to a lot of my ambition and desire to want more for myself, for which I will always be grateful. He also taught me the importance of family and the reason why I believe my loved ones come first.”
In Photograph: Diipa with her parents on her wedding day
Kunal Rawal, Fashion Designer
“My father is hands down the most stylish man, and he will be my all-time muse. I grew up watching him and how his style has evolved over the years, and that played a huge part in shaping my style today. My father is also a very big reason I started my label. He has always been my biggest supporter. Everything I know about business, I learned from him. The one lesson my father taught me that holds even stronger today was that I should always be prepared with plan A, B and C! I tend to create plans that are primarily geared towards creating, but because of him, I’m able to balance the business and the creative side of my label.”
In Photograph: Kunal with his father, Ravi Rawal
Elton Fernandez, Celebrity Makeup Artist
“My father was a hard-working disciplinarian who provided well for his family throughout my growing years. My fondest memories are of his playful, emotionally expressive ways, his rather romantic handwritten lengthy letters to Mum that usually started with a ‘My Darling Wife Mona...’; an ear for good music, a clean work ethic and an incredible sense of humour - cleverly edited to entertain and engage both, kids and adults, alike. He also inculcated the best life habits, and to this day, I enjoy doing the housework and chores and cleaning and tidying up because it's all I ever saw him do at home. My father was the typical tall, dark, talented, witty, humble and handsome man.”
In Photograph: Elton (left) with his father, Ivor Fernandez and older brother
Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle And Wellness Coach
“My dad inspired me to find greatness within. He taught me that life is not fair, and yet it is beautiful. He instilled the principle that the more you give, the more you get and inspired me to follow my gut instinct. To believe in providence, the mysteries of life and to work hard. From the time I got my first salary, he advised me to save a little bit every month and to keep doing the same right through my life. He inspired me through his actions, his way of living and taught me discipline and a no-nonsense attitude.”
In Photograph: Luke with his daughter and father, Arnold Coutinho
Archana Jain, Founder, PR Pundit
“All daughters worship their fathers, and so did I. He was also my Math guru. When young girls would run away in fear from Math lessons, my father helped me master the subject. He made me fall in love with numbers and statistics. I have him to thank for my analytical mind. This has been invaluable in my evolution as an entrepreneur. An officer and a gentleman, my dad, instilled discipline, patriotism and a zest for life in me. I owe my love for travel to the early road trips we did together.”
In Photograph: Archana with her father, Air Commodore Shyam Chand Mehra
Srimoyi Bhattacharya, Founder, Peepul Consulting
“My father, the late Deben Bhattacharya, was a musicologist whose journeys from Europe to India via the Middle East resulted in field recordings, documentaries, literary works and photographs. I believe that his work was unique because of the spontaneous contact he made with musicians and artists. His curiosity about people from all walks of life, his ability to connect with someone, even with a language gap, was his greatest gift. Building friendships along his travels made for memorable musical nights at home in Paris and Calcutta, and many friendly hosts across the world. An open home, a curious and passionate heart - without his cooking talent - was perhaps my father’s biggest life lesson to us all.”
In Photograph: Srimoyi’s father Deben Bhattacharya
Nimish Shah, Creative Director, Bhaane And Shift
“My dad is a true Gandhian. It is amazing how he indulges in all of my ridiculous concepts. His signature advice to all my problems is, ‘Does that make you happy?’ I hope I can pass this on.”
In Photograph: Nimish’s father, Bharat Shah


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