The Fendi Caffe Has Opened Its Doors At Selfridges – Here’s Why We’re Excited

Christmas has come early this year, and we have Italian fashion house FENDI to thank for it. The Maison has opened the doors to its iconic FENDI CAFFE pop-up, at the Oxford Street department store, Selfridges, just in time for the holidays!


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Taking over Selfridges’ 14-seater Champagne bar, The Fount, the FENDI CAFFE is perfect for those who want to mix a little R&R with their shopping experience (shopping can be tiring, after all). Inspired by the new FENDI ROMA holiday collection, the café is located in the accessories hall of Selfridges and showcases the new FENDI Pack collection, with a unisex offering of bags and small leather goods.

Fendi Caffe 1

And if your Instagram has been looking a little bland lately, you can always take inspiration from the café. From powder-pink walls offset with the striking FENDI yellow, right down to the iconic FF logo reimagined in pink – the café is completely FENDI-fied. Boasting of a Fendi-curated menu, the goods at the café too, are nothing short of drool-worthy, and aesthetic! In the mood for a midday pick-me-up? The café offers a selection of personalised FENDI cocktails, from Roman Passion to FENDI cosmos, complete with FF ice-cubes.

Fendi Caffe 2

Need a boost of caffeine? The coffee selection’s highlight is the signature FF cappuccino served in porcelain cups decorated with FENDI’s iconic Pequin striped motif designed in 1983. Feeling a little peckish? The café also serves a selection of small savoury and sweet bites – think pink peppercorn popcorn, beetroot crisps and of course, in continuation of the logo-mania, FF-shaped shortbreads and parmesan slides.

Ideal for fashionistas with a strong social media game (can you imagine the kind of photos you could take for the ‘gram here?) the culinary counterpart to the luxury fashion house provides a chic, contemporary experience that is literally stamped with FENDI’s own seal of approval. And while we stare at the pictures, we’ll be feening over the fact that we can’t travel and visit it, since it’s only open until January 2021. *Insert crying emoji here*

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